Hvis jeg ikke sidder med næsten klistret i en bog af en kendt forfatter, forsøger jeg mig også til tider med egne skriverier. Jeg har tit drømt om at blive forfatter, men har også nået erkendelsen af at det sikkert ikke kommer til at ske. Alligevel kan jeg godt finde på at dele enkelte ting med jer, som I kan se fra listen nedenfor.


The Choice of the Heart

(This is a novel I have been working on since I was 16 years old. It is still very much a work in progress, and I have no idea when it will be finished.)

When Jennifer Paris discovers that the life she has lead for the past seventeen years has been based on a lie she realises that she is about to make a choice. However, she has no idea what consequences her choice will set in motion and how much it will affect the rest of her life. Leaving her previous life behind she sets out to find her heritage to conquer the evils that lurk from times long gone by now risen to haunt from the depths of a forgotten past.

Part One

Chapter One – Memories of the Past
Chapter Two – Burn Marks
Chapter Three – Family Revelations
Chapter Four – Decisions
Chapter Five – Proof
Chapter Six – New Senses
Chapter Seven – Practice
Chapter Eight

To be announced…….


Short Stories

The Frog Who Could Not Jump


Appreciation Posts

As a new series of writing I will be writing what I have baptised Appreciation Posts. These will be what some people might call nerdy, geeky or just simply obsessed. Others might call it as I do; appreciation. What they have in common is their love for an item within the world of popular culture. This is also the reason why I have chosen to write this series in English – because most of it will be from International (English speaking mostly) spheres and it will be easier accepted across borders, and more people can appreciate the appreciation.

Appreciation Post #01 Veronica Mars
Appreciation Post #02 FRIENDS
Appreciation Post #03 Once Upon a Time
Fairy Tales De-Bunked
A series of perhaps rather long essays about the origins and other parts of interest about some of our modern day popular fairy tales.