Read-A-Thon #Status Update

The Read-a-Thon is officially happening. This will be my update post and it will primarily be in English. Normally I blog in Danish, at least on this blog, but quite frankly it’s a bit of a wonderful change to get back to some English blogging. But enough about that, let’s get on with some reading.

14.00 pm: As the first book I have chosen to finish the one I was already in the middle of. It was just getting to the good part of solving the crimes, so what could be more interesting?

Veronica Mars, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham.
Total page count: 324.
Pages read today so far: 121

2014-04-26 15.22.27

16.30 pm: Finished my first book, although not completely as it was one I had started during the week, so I just need the last 100 pages or so. With a late lunch break and some other small breaks I am now fully endorsed in the Read-a-Thon experience and am about to decide what to read next. In the mean time I’m currently tidying up a bit around the house between solving these little puzzles Little Miss Reader created for the 3 hour mini challenge. Normally I don’t really do that many puzzles but these are kind of fun, must be because they are book related.

The Library Book by various authors
Total page count: 173
Pages read today so far: 141

17.40 pm: I just read a few entries in The Library Book for a brief change of scenery so to say. Time is running by faster than I would like it to. I feel like I just glanced as the clock and it was 16.00 pm, but the proof is undeniable. We’re closing in on 4 hours of the Read-a-Thon and I have to start thinking about some dinner soon. In the mean time, my next book has already gotten comfortable in the sofa, just waiting for me to come pick it up and allow myself to be carried away to a new world.

2014-04-26 17.36.51

19.05 pm: It’s five hours into the readathon and I feel like I have progressed rather well. It’s just about time to get some dinner, and luckily I have such a sweet boyfriend (who has been a little bored all day, because I just read and read), who made dinner, so I had the time to read even more. How amazing is that? So halfway through The Language of Dying I will take my place at the dinner table for some food and a resting break for my eyes.

Oh, yeah I should also say that reviews will be posted eventually in the coming days of what I’ve read. So far I want to focus on just reading and being part of the reading experience. So stay tuned over the next couple of days if you want to know more about what I actually think about the books I manage to read.

Hour 7 Mini Challenge: 6 Word Celebration Challenge
Old, used, or new worlds await.

The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough
Total page count: 131
Pages read today so far: 272

22.40 pm: After some dinner I thought I needed some fresh air, before the sun disappeared completely. So a quick stroll down by the harbor and small ice cream made a nice break before I returned to the sofa and the rest of my book. It was a bit of a sad book, but a review will follow sometime in the near future. I think I will need a short break to re-stock my snacks right now before I continue with the next book from the pile. Though I am considering to read a bit on one of the many e-books I also have waiting for me.

2014-04-26 22.59.04-2

23.30 pm: Okay, that’s just about it for me in the first run of things. I could probably stay up an hour or two more, but I honestly prefer to go to bed now and then get up an hour or two earlier tomorrow morning instead. Also, for the last couple of hours the boyfriend has been watching Star Wars so I think we both could do with a mind break from everything – aka. Some sleep is well overdue. However, for my first ever Read-a-Thon I think I’ve done pretty well. I have finished 2 books, read some essays and just before I decided to go to bed, I started my third book, which I will of course continue with tomorrow. So off to be for me now, but I will be back in a matter of hours (because I bet they just fly by, as they have done for me today) for some more reading.

Until then, happy reading through the night.

09.10 am: After about 8 hours of sleep (yes, I know sounds like a lot, but it’s the weekend and I need to catch up) I’m up and ready to do some more reading. I just read a bit in The Library Book and am now trying to decide what to have for breakfast and what to read next. Breakfast might have to come first priority though. I started a third book last night, but after reading about 30 pages or so I figured it wasn’t really such light reading as I was in the mood for. A book about WWII and the brutality of the KZ camps aren’t really what you want to read right before you go to bed, or on a sunny Sunday for that matter. So right now I’m trying to figure out what to read instead. I might branch outside the pile I already selected and pick something completely else from my still growing To Read pile on the floor (because there’s no more room on the shelves).

How are you guys doing? I’m so impressed that most of you have lasted through the night, it’s incredible!

2014-04-27 09.26.54

12.20 pm: Wow, we’re back to pm again, where did the time go? Unfortunately, I haven’t read that much in the last few hours. The parents-in-law came by for a quick visit, so we decided to whip up some impromptu brunch, which meant I had to spend some time in the kitchen instead of with my book. I decided to continue with one of the e-books I’m currently reading, The Wizard’s Promise. My hope was to finish that one too, but the with last hours closing in on us, I’m beginning to doubt it. I’ll just try and read as much as I can in the last couple of hours here.

The Wizard’s Promise by Cassandra Rose Clark
Total page count: 198
Total pages read so far: 358

13.25 pm: It’s close to the end, and I’m beginning to realize I won’t reach my goal of finishing the e-book I’m currently reading. Instead I’ve taken a break to answer the last hour meme.

1)      Which hour was most daunting for you?
None really, I didn’t really stress too much with this, so I didn’t push myself either to stay up too long. This meant I read a leisurely pace and didn’t feel pressured to reach a specific goal before a specific time.

2)      Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year?
Hmm, considering the small amount of books I’ve gotten through I don’t really think I have an answer for this one.

3)      Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?
Not really, I think everyone has done an incredible job. I only want to improve myself and my amount of reading.

4)      What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon?
I really liked all the mini-challenges. It was a good way to break from the constant reading, and they were all really fun and creative.

5)      How many books did you read?
I finished one I was in the middle of, started and finished one and read a few single chapters here and there. So, combined I would say it totaled to perhaps 2 books.

6)      What were the names of the books you read?
Veronica Mars, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line + The Language of Dying + The Library Book + The Wizard’s Promise.

7)      Which book did you enjoy most?
Definitely Veronica Mars. As a huge VM fan this was by far the best!

8)      Which did you enjoy the least?
I did start one by Ana Novac, a diary of her years in a KZ camp, but quickly put that aside because I wasn’t really in the mood for that kind of reading.

9)      If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders?

10)   How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time?
I would most definitely participate again. I want to up my game and get a lot more reading done. This first time was a bit of breeze for me, as I didn’t push myself whatsoever, so I want to improve that. I’m considering perhaps signing up as a cheerleader, but that decision will have to wait.

14.35 pm: It’s a bit late for a very last update, but the last half hour got substituted for a walk in the sun with the visiting in-laws. This meant I had to scrap my goal of reading for the pleasure of company. In total I only managed to clock in about 360 pages of reading during these 24 hours. It’s not that bad, but compared some so many others in this readathon it’s a small start. It was my very first Read-a-Thon, but a part of me feels like I could’ve done far more. Well, I guess there’s always a next time.

I think the best part about this experience has been the massive online community and getting to hear from so many other people reading while I was reading. On top of that, you get to explore so many interesting blogs that you probably wouldn’t have found it if weren’t for this kind of event. I think my blog-following-count has gone up just a bit, but I’m not completely sure yet. I haven’t had the time to sort all the way through the many blog suggestions.

For now I will say a massive thank you to all participating in Dewey’s Read-a-Thon, even though I was just a small contender it was a massive experience for me.

I will definitely see you next year/time!


(Reviews will follow during the next few days, for now I need some blogging rest.)

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Read-A-Thon #2

The hour is almost upon us, the Dewey Read-a-Thon is drawing closer and closer. I just got home about 30 minutes ago from a small trip downtown to stock up on snacks and things to keep me to the fire so to say. I can honestly say I have no idea what to expect from this experience, as it is my first Read-a-Thon ever. However, I have heard very much about it and am excited to take part in this international experience. And because it is such an international event I will be posting my updates in English. I have yet to decide whether to post my reviews in English (or both) yet; I think I will leave that decision for the lateness of the hours. The later it gets, the lazier I will probably become. This is also why I can quite frankly say that I will most likely not last the entire night; I have reached that age where I need my sleep, however small amounts it might be. I also think that if I do get some rest, I will that much more prepared to read some more in the last hours of this Read-a-Thon.

With only 15 minutes left to go, I have stocked the kitchen supplies with snacks as you can see. There was a small sale at the local supermarket with 25% off fruits and vegetables so I thought it would be a great idea to take the healthy route to snacking for this. The chocolate will come in hand of course when I reach those critical hours and I get close to that scary Hangry feeling, which I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would like to avoid.

2014-04-26 13.19.53

For my first choice of reading I want to finish the one I am currently reading; Veronica Mars, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. A spin-off of the TV-series/film that has become a very cult thing across the nation, and even more so when they succeeded in a very massive Kickstarter event. But more on that in another future post. With that said, as my first choice of reading I still have a few e-books on the iPad that might get some attention throughout the next 24 hours as well.

2014-04-26 13.31.50

To introduce myself a bit more to the entire Read-a-Thon community, here are my answers to the pre-hour meme:

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?
From the little country called Denmark.
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
It’s a tie between The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer and Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman. Both are in the category of fairy tale interpretations, which is one of my favorite genres.
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?
Probably the chocolate. I’ve been keeping my sugar levels low throughout the week, and could do with some chocolate.
4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
Okay, hmm, 26 years old, high school teacher in English (so it’s a real pleasure to blog in English for a change), of course I love books. Some people buy too many shoes (I do that too though), I buy too many books, at least according to my boyfriend.
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
I honestly have no idea. Right now, the reading and the international experience, but the later it gets I will probably be looking more and more forward to some sleep.

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Read-A-Thon #1

Så siger kalenderen den 22 april, påsken er slut og der er kun 4 dage til det store internationale Reaad-a-thon som løber af stablen på lørdag/søndag (hvis man altså regner i dansk tid). Jeg har været en smule forvirret mht. start/sluttidspunkterne, men nu har jeg vist fået styr på dem. De danske tider er altså med begyndelse lørdag eftermiddag kl. 14.00 og med slut søndag eftermiddag samme tid. Det er noget bedre overkommeligt end de tider jeg oprindeligt havde ladet mig fortælle/læst mig til, som var 02.00 til 02.00, for ærlig talt jeg er ikke meget for at opgive min dyrebare nattesøvn. Jeg kommer nok også til at give efter for søvnen på et eller andet tidspunkt alligevel, det er efterhånden en del år siden jeg har holdt mig vågen i 24 timer med god grund (det er en god bog skam også, men så er det for spændingens/hyggens skyld og ikke for at læse bare for at læse). De få gange har været på rejser når man kommer over de der tidszoner eller når man arbejder skæve tider på festivaler som frivillig – mere om det en anden gang.

Om end alt andet er jeg så småt begyndt at finde bøger frem, jeg har jo en hel del at vælge imellem og jeg har forsøgt at vælge nogle af dem så lå øverst i hvad jeg helst vil læse, men også af dem så er knap så lange. Det er efterhånden svært at finde bøger som ikke er alt for lange, for det er de lange bøger jeg netop køber for at der kan være noget godt at læse i længere tid. For når man læser så meget er det nødvendigt at bogen holder lang tid, så jo længere jo bedre er det ofte.

2014-04-22 13.59.55

Men altså, jeg er landet på de fem du kan se på billedet. Jeg har kun en dansk med i udvalget og det var primært på grund af dens længde. Ellers ville jeg intet have imod kun at læse engelsk, det gør jeg jo primært mest alligevel. Hvem ved, det kan også være den bliver skiftet ud løbende.

Ellers har jeg valgt Grimm Tales og The Library Book for deres anvendelighed i afbræk fra lange tekster. Det er jo små korte historier, noveller, essays osv. som jeg er sikker på vil falde i som god pauselæsning, inden man bevæger sig ind i næste eventyrlige univers.

2014-04-22 13.57.11

2014-04-22 13.57.29

Nu er spørgsmålet bare hvor meget jeg kan ignorere nogle af de opgaver jeg får fra mine elever her op til weekenden, til fordel for at læse bare for at læse for hyggens skyld.

Hvad har I tænkt jer at læse og hvordan planlægger I ellers Read-a-Thon?

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Den hundredårige der kravlede ud af vinduet og forsvandt (Jonas Jonasson, 2012)


Den hundredårige der kravlede ud ad vinduet og forsvandt af Jonas Jonasson er en morsom og livsbekræftende historie om den 100-årige Allan Karlsson, der stikker af fra plejehjemmet. 

Allan kommer ved et tilfælde i besiddelse af en narkohajs kuffert stoppet med pengesedler, og så går den vilde jagt gennem Sverige, hvor han får flere nye venner og allierede i kampen mod gangsterne, der vil have deres penge igen, og politiet, der konstant er fire skridt bagud i opklaringen. Alt i mens dramaet udspiller sig i det midtsvenske skove, hører vi om Allans lange liv forinden i tilbageblik, der bringer os tæt på mange af verdenshistoriens helt store begivenheder og personer.

(Tekst fra Saxo)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jeg fortryder egentlig nu at det har taget mig så lang tid at tage mig sammen til at få læst den her bog. For den har overrasket mig noget så positivt på flere måder. Jeg lod mig fortælle at den mindede en smule om Forrest Gump og det er så ganske rigtigt. Vores hundredårige Allan bliver både budt på middag af General Franco, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, Stalin og Kinas Mao. Der er en hel del flere historiske personligheder vi støder på, men efter noget tid bliver det svært at holde styr på dem alle sammen igennem Allans livshistorie. I stedet skal man bare vælge at følge med historien og dens udvikling.

Jeg blev meget hurtigt glad for Allan som person. Han er både sympatisk og medgørlig, men også en person man fatter medlidenhed med på grund af de oplevelser han kommer ud for igennem livet. Det faktum at han er stort set total afviger når det kommer til politik af enhver art kunne jeg kun identificere endnu mere med, hvilket nok også gjorde at jeg fandt ham des mere elskværdig. Allans tilgang til livet er også meget nem at forholde sig til.

”Det er som det er, og det bliver, som det bliver.”

Det fungerer som hans motto i livet, og det resulterer i at han tager livet meget let og aldrig rigtig bliver ophidset over særlig meget. Det er også af den grund Allan kommer til at opleve så meget i livet, fordi han ikke rigtig tager på vej og bare følger med strømmen, så at sige.
Den måde historien er strikket sammen gør at vi får et indblik i verdenshistorien samtidig med vi følger Allan på vejen. Jeg syntes faktisk det var meget underholdende at få ny viden om historie på den måde, det var i hvert fald meget mere underholdende end mange af de ordinære historietimer jeg kan huske fra min skoletid.

Spol frem i tiden til historien umiddelbart efter at Allan er hoppet ud af vinduet på sin 100 års fødselsdag og vi kan læse om endnu et mærkværdigt ’eventyr’ der involverer 50 millioner, en meget voldelig bande (dog på kun 3, næsten 4 medlemmer), en grilbodsejer med næsten eksamensbevis inden for næsten hver tænkelig branche, en elefant, en ilter rødhåret kvindelig gårdejer, en aggressiv anklager og ikke mindst et par beklagelige mord.

Jeg vil klart anbefale den her bog. Jeg sad flere gange og grinte højlydt over bogen, og jeg kunne næsten ikke lægge den fra mig. Jeg havde den med i fitness, mens jeg spiste morgenmad og da jeg var på familieweekend i påsken. Den var så hurtigt læst at det næsten var ærgerligt. Jeg sad lidt med en forventning om at Allan ville dø til slut (han er jo trods alt 100 år!), men det gjorde han ikke. Derfor var bogen lidt uafsluttet for mit vedkommende, mest af alt fordi jeg bare gerne ville læse mere om Allan og hans mærkværdige liv.


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The Frog Who Could Not Jump

Det her er et lille eventyr jeg skrev for et par år siden. Det sprang frem i løbet af en time eller to hvor jeg deltog i noget jeg egentlig ikke kan huske hvad handlede om. Det var nok derfor jeg i sidste ende begyndte at skrive i min notesbog; det her er altså hvad der kom ud af et par timers kedsomhed hvor jeg nok skulle have hørt efter.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is a little fairy tale I wrote a few years back. It came to me in an hour or two when I should have been paying attention to something else, but I don’t really remember what it was. This is probably because I started scribling in my notebook; this is the result of a few hours’ boredom when I should have paid attention.


The Frog Who Could Not Jumplittle_frog_boy_by_metterschlingel-d37taov

Once, there was a frog living with his large family of frogs nearby a small pond. Every day all the frogs would jump out of the water, only to jump right back in to the water again. All frogs, except one. He would simply sit by the pond and look as all the rest of the frogs with a sad expression upon his green face. When his father and brothers invited him to the play of jumping in and out of the pond he would croak very quietly that he did not feel like it. His father and brothers did not pester him about it more pressingly, though they kept asking him every morning if he wanted to come with them, and every morning the frog told them no.

None in his family knew his secret. Every night he would sneak out of his little frog bed, creep along the side bank of the pond to the clearing on the other side. Here he would practice. For this particular frog could not jump. He dared not tell this secret to anyone, for fear of being laughed at. So, in order to prevent this, he sneaked out each night to practice his feeble jump. But no matter how much he stretched and stretched before attempting to jump across the clearing, his legs would not bend correctly and lift him of the ground as all the other frogs did. Despite many years of training he had still not mastered the art of jumping, and you would think it would come natural to him, being a frog and all.

So, again that night he would return to bed with a sad heart. Sure enough, his father and brother asked him to jump with them the following day too. But instead of sitting by the pond and looking enviously as the other frogs, he crept away deeper into the forest. Here he found a small boulder, on to which he climbed, for of course he could not jump on to it. And here he began to cry. He wept and wept till he felt empty of tears. By then, a young girl had sneaked up behind the crying frog and she felt sorry for the tiny creature.

“Why do you cry little fellow?” She asked and the sound of her voice made the frog start and almost fall of the boulder. He clambered back on to the boulder and told the girl why he was crying.

“Well, maybe I can help you.” Said the girl and she scooped up the tiny frog. With the frog in one hand she went to another pond deep in the forest. She put the frog in the water and told him to use his legs as if he were on land and tried to jump. This made the frog scoot through the water, back and forth, faster and faster. The girl then picked the frog out of the water and told him to do the same on land as he had done in water.

But sadly it did not prove to work. The frog began to weep again. The girl picked him up and bade him not to cry. But the frog could not stop. He told the young girl how he was the only frog by the pond that could not jump. The girl told the frog not to fret; she would return the next day and try to help him again. That night, for the first time in a long time, the frog did not sneak out to practice his jump. The girl kept her promise and returned the next day with two small balls made of rubber. She tied these to the frog’s legs and asked him to try again. The frog had never been happier than he was now. He bounced and bounced higher and higher in the air. As high as the girl was tall. He thanked the girl a plenty and jumped back to his family by the pond. There he showed off his new ability to jump as high as he might. But sadly the strings tying the balls to his feet came apart and the frog fell to the ground with a loud plop. Just as he had feared, all the other frogs laughed at him. With tears streaming he ran to the other pond. The girl found him there. In an attempt to comfort the little frog she bent down and kissed his head. By a stroke of magic or pure luck, the frog turned into a young prince.

“That is why you could not jump. You are a prince!” Exclaimed the girl in a voice of surprise. The young prince thanked the girl heartedly and kissed both her cheeks, which in turn flushed scarlet red. The minute the frog had turned prince, the memory of his frog family had left him and he remembered his real family, who must have missed him in the years he had been a frog. He asked the girl for one more favor, to help him find his family and she obliged him in much eagerness.

In return, the prince took the friendly girl to be his bride in a matter of few years. For who could object to a girl willing to help a frog who could not jump?

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Ugens Top10 (#1)

Her midt i påsken begynder ens hjerne til tider at køre lidt på overtryk, enten fordi den tager på et sidespor fra det den rent faktisk skulle lave eller også bare fordi den simpelthen keder sig. For mit vedkommende tror jeg det blev lidt af en blanding her forleden. Uanset hvad besluttede jeg mig altså for at strikke min egen Top10 sammen, lidt a la i stil med dem David Letterman laver i sit show. Eftersom jeg jo er lidt af en bognørd var det der jeg tog min inspiration til denne uges Top10.

Jeg har en fiks ide om at jeg godt kunne tænke mig at lave flere af den her slags Top10, så langt fantasien strækker til det, så det må vi se hvad fremtiden bringer af det. Under alle omstændigheder kan I i mellem tiden småfnise lidt over dem Top10 jeg fik lavet mig i løbet af i dag.

Top 10 Ting Bøger Ville Sige (hvis de altså vel og mærke kunne tale).

Screenshot 2014-04-16 19.13.24 (2)
Screenshot 2014-04-16 19.13.38 (2)

Jeg har brugt billeder fra min Twitter profil fordi det var der jeg lagde dem ud i løbet af dagen og jeg syntes det ville se lidt mere festligt ud på den måde, frem for helt almindelig tekst her på bloggen.

Jeg håber I syntes om den.

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To Read or not to Read…

Jeg syntes efterhånden der er en hel del postyr om det at læse rundt omkring på nettet. Den ene dag læser man et indlæg om en ny app der efter sigende skal forbedre en persons læseevne, sådan at man bliver hurtigere til at læse. Det i sig selv er der en hel del tanker om. Personligt har jeg ikke nogle ambitioner om at forbedre min læseevne eller blive hurtigere til at læse. Jeg nyder at tilbringe min tid med en god bog, og ikke mindst tage fri fra hverdagen og skubbe dagens stress til side. Rent faktisk er jeg blevet rådet af min læge til at sætte tid til side dagligt – kun til mig. Michelle-tid kaldte hun det, og en god måde at tilbringe den tid er at læse for fornøjelsens skyld. Hvilket jeg jo gør hele tiden, jeg kan jo næsten ikke lade være.

Så selvom den nye app måske er bevist at virke, og jeg da nok også vil kigge nærmere på den, tror jeg ikke det er en jeg vil gøre mig synderligt brug af.

Dagene efter man har læst det indlæg begynder der at dukke flere og flere indlæg op om noget bog-bloggerne kalder for Read-athon. Jeg har set det er par gange rundt omkring, og der også havde istandsat deres egne personlige Read-athons. Efter at have læst lidt mere om det, og jeg fandt ud af at ’reglerne’ som sådan bare er guidelines, og jeg så at flere venner og bekendte også havde tilmeldt sig besluttede jeg mig også for at tilmelde mig. Så er spørgsmålet bare om jeg kan holde mig vågen i 24 timer og læse. Jeg tror ugen op til kommer til at inkludere lidt forskellig forberedelse så jeg kan klare hele lørdagen. Dog har jeg endnu ikke besluttet mig for om jeg vil stå op kl. 2 om natten for at begynde at læse, eller om jeg bare vil begynde lige så snart jeg står op. Jeg kan alligevel ikke finde ud af at sove særlig længe i weekenden, mit arbejde har efterhånden fået mit indre vækkeur til at ringe noget tidligere end jeg gerne så det.

2014-04-15 13.35.08

Så kommer det næste spørgsmål bare, hvad skal jeg så læse hele dagen lang? Jeg har jo en del bøger jeg stadig er i færd med, så dem skal jeg selvfølgelig have læst færdig på et eller andet tidspunkt. Hvis jeg ikke får dem læst færdig her i påskedagene ryger de nok på listen. Ellers har jeg endnu ikke overskud til at sætte mig nogle specifikke mål, jeg tror først der vil komme nogle deciderede læsemål engang i næste uge. Som stakken af nye og endnu ikke læste bøger viser, så har jeg jo nok at vælge imellem – og det er ikke inklusive de få elektroniske bøger jeg også har.

Hvem har ellers meldt sig til Read-athon?

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Some Kind of Fairy Tale (Graham Joyce, 2012)

13234408It is Christmas afternoon and Peter Martin gets an unexpected phone call from his parents, asking him to come round. It pulls him away from his wife and children and into a bewildering mystery.

He arrives at his parents’ house and discovers that they have a visitor. His sister Tara. Not so unusual you might think, this is Christmas after all, a time when families get together. But twenty years ago Tara took a walk into the woods and never came back and as the years have gone by with no word from her the family have, unspoken, assumed that she was dead. Now she’s back, tired, dirty, disheveled, but happy and full of stories about twenty years spent traveling the world, an epic odyssey taken on a whim.

But her stories don’t quite hang together and once she has cleaned herself up and got some sleep it becomes apparent that the intervening years have been very kind to Tara. She really does look no different from the young woman who walked out the door twenty years ago. Peter’s parents are just delighted to have their little girl back, but Peter and his best friend Richie, Tara’s one time boyfriend, are not so sure. Tara seems happy enough but there is something about her. A haunted, otherworldly quality. Some would say it’s as if she’s off with the fairies. And as the months go by Peter begins to suspect that the woods around their homes are not finished with Tara and his family.

(Tekst fra Goodreads)

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Det der fangede mig ved den her bog var faktisk titlen. Jeg er jo eventyr-fantast så den her lød oplagt for sådan en som mig. Jeg blev dog overrasket allerede ved første kapitel over dens manglende eventyrlighed. Men overrasket på en god måde, for selv om den manglede den direkte eventyrlighed havde den eventyrets mystisk lige fra starten, og det ligger sig mest i Graham Joyces måde at skrive. Han spinder et spind på tværs af personer og tid som er så sammenfiltret og alligevel afskilt, men det virker fordi eventyret står på hver sin side. Det skal dog bemærkes at det ikke er eventyret i den forstand vi tror vi kender det. Derimod er det mystikken derved og det rebelske opgør med barndommen og skridtet på vej til at blive voksen.

Den mystiske Tara vender tilbage efter hvad hun selv tror er 6 måneder hos de eventyrlige væsner, som kun kan beskrives som feer, men er intet ligesom de feer vi normalt tænker på. Hvad Tara troede var 6 måneder viste sig at være 20 år for resten af hendes familie. Man kan let forestille sig de forviklinger der kan opstå ved sådan en situation. Joyce formår at smelte den skeptiske virkelighed sammen med håbet om at tro på eventyret som Tara repræsenterer. Man vil konstant gerne tro på Tara, men man kan også se det fra resten af hendes families synsvinkel og ser hende som en lille tosse. Den gamle eventyrlige verden bliver hurtigt smeltet sammen med den nymoderne teknologi i jagten på at finde sandheden om hvor Tara har været. Det spænder sig fra en lettere aparte psykolog til nymoderne tandlægemetoder til at determinere biologisk alder. Denne kombination fungerer også rigtig godt, for igen får man det ypperste fra begge verdner.

Det der nok var det bedste for mig var eventyrets konstante tilstedeværelse, om end i baggrunden, af historien. Hvert kapitel bliver indledt med et citat eller udsagn om eventyr på den ene eller den anden måde. Og for sådan en som mig der har skrevet en stor opgave om eventyr, var det en fryd at genkende størstedelen af de her eventyrlærde hele bogen igennem. Samtidig var der en gennemgående anekdote som senere i bogen skulle vise sig at være en sand fortælling fra Irland fra tidernes morgen, om feernes indvirkning i vores liv.

Hele vejen igennem blev jeg mere og mere viklet ind i det her eventyrlige ikke-eventyr verden, og uanset hvordan jeg opfattede historien var der næsten altid et eller andet der overraskede mig. Den endelige slutning var dog ikke helt tilfredsstillende, men det var nok mest af alt fordi jeg manglede den eventyrlige slutning. For den virkelige slutning var der.


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Kæresten skulle til fødselsdag her til aften og eftersom fødselaren er meget glad for kage blev vi enige om at det skulle være gaven. Så naturligvis gik jeg med glæde i køkkenet i løbet af eftermiddagen. Først skulle jeg dog finde ud af hvad jeg skulle bage. Når der er lejlighed til det er det jo altid dejligt at prøve noget nyt, så gik om bord i mine kogebøger og blev bare mere forvirret over hvad jeg skulle vælge. Valget faldt på miniupcakes, for så ville der jo også være lidt flere til nogle af alle gæsterne. Når det nu var til fødselsdagslejlighed blev de lidt mere specielle med en opskrift der krævede cognac. Det skabte dog endnu et problem, for ville kæresten tillade at donere noget af sine fornemme cognac? Det var det helt store spørgsmål, men i sidste ende gik han med til det eftersom det faktisk ikke var særlig meget der skulle i.

2014-04-12 15.41.15

De var faktisk også helt vildt nemme at lave, nok mest af alt fordi jeg har min elskede køkkenmaskine som gør det meste af arbejdet for mig. Du starter med en skål med 40g usaltet smør, 140g sukker, 100g mel, 20g kakao, 1½tsk bagepulver, ½tsk revet appelsinskal og en knivspids salt og det rører du sammen godt og grundigt ved lav hastighed indtil det ligner krummer. Ved siden af blander du 1 stort æg med ½dl cognac og ¾ dl sødmælk. Den blanding hælder du stille og roligt i smørblandingen – mens maskinen stadig kører – indtil dejen er glat. Fyld dejen i små cupcake forme (2/3 fyldte) og bag dem i ovnen ved 170 grader i ca. 15 min.

2014-04-12 16.14.13-1

Når kagerne er helt kølet af kan du dekorere dem med en glasur som du laver af 75g usaltet smør, 225g flormelis, 30g kakao og ¾ revet appelsinskal der røres sammen til en grynet-hed ved lav hastighed. Her tilsætter du så en blanding af 1 spsk cognac og 1 spsk sødmælk og skruer op på høj hastighed til glasuren er klar til at blive smurt på kagerne. Så kan du selv bestemme hvordan du selv vil over-pynte kagerne med krymmel eller hvad du ellers har stående.

2014-04-12 18.43.05

Jeg vil selvfølgelig ikke tage æren for den her opskrift for den er fra The Hummingbird Bakery og deres kogebog; Kagedage. I sig selv kan den kogebog anbefales noget så højt, jeg selv fandt den til 100 kr i Føtex (eller var det Bilka?) i sin tid, og den er alle pengene værd. Den er i min top5 af kogebøger, hvad er dine?

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Med så mange fantastiske bøger i verdenen er det nogle gange svært at vælge hvad man skal læse. Derudover er der også så mange forskellige udgaver og serier i så mange flotte udseende og det gør det endnu mere vanskeligt at vælge hvilke udgaver man skal samle på. I min længere proces på at læse mig igennem de gode gamle klassikere begyndte jeg at samle på dem i små fine udgaver. Jeg faldt faktisk over dem første gang i USA, hvilket er lidt ironisk eftersom de bliver udgivet af et britisk forlag.

2014-04-10 18.01.44

2014-04-10 18.03.03

2014-04-10 18.04.49

Serien hedder The Collector’s Library og de er simpelthen så små og fine. Det er lige før de er i lommestørrelse allerede. Siderne er rigtig flot guldbelagt så det ser endnu flottere ud på hylden og når man beundrer dem. Næsten hver bog har også både pæne introduktioner og illustrationer. Illustrationerne er nogle af de originale og det syntes jeg er rigtig dejligt at opleve, i stedet for nogle af de mordene, ikke altid for pæne illustrationer der nogle gange kan følge med.

2014-04-10 18.03.54

2014-04-10 18.04.14

2014-04-10 18.02.44

Gennem årerne har jeg dog opdaget mange andre udgaver af de samme bøger, og det er nogle gange svært ikke at skifte mellem hvilke serier man skal samle på. I sidste ende er jeg alligevel glad for at jeg har vedholdt min samling af mine bøger. Indtil videre har jeg ikke fået tilføjet så mange nye dertil på det seneste, men det kommer med tiden. Der er jo som sagt så mange andre bøger at læse.

Hvilke udgaver har du valgt at samle på?

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