Chapter Three – Family Revelations

Det er den første fredag i måneden og som jeg har lovet begynder jeg fremover at udgive et kapitel fra min roman, som jeg stadig arbejder på. Sidste måned fik i andet kapitel, i dag er det så tid til tredje kapitel hvor Jennifer Paris møder lidt mere af hendes familie.

(It is the first Friday of the month and as I promised I will henceforth post a chapter from my novel, which is still a work in progress. Last month you got the second chapter, today it’s tome for the third chapter where Jennifer Paris meets a bit more of her family.)


Chapter Three – Family Revelations

 >>Jennifer?<< Sam came into the hallway, her heavy steps echoing on the floor. She wrapped a warm blanket around Jennifer as soon as she was near enough to do so. But Jennifer shrugged it off.

>>I’m taking a warm shower.<< Was all she said before she headed upstairs, with the intention to do her best to drown herself in the shower. She didn’t pay attention to how long she spent showering but she still didn’t feel like it was enough once she forced herself to step out. It still felt like Billy’s hands and lips were all over her. She scrubbed especially hard with the towel the places he’d touched her till the skin felt raw. She was momentarily reminded of her dream, and she almost entered the shower again. However, she thought better of it and dressed absently before she went back downstairs. Her neck kept itching where Billy’s lips had crawled over her, like he had given her a rash. She knew, if her usual nightmare didn’t return that night she would experience a new one.

In the kitchen Jennifer could hear Jack putting water on for tea. Sam embraced her again at the end of the stairs and Jennifer let her lead her in the kitchen where she was pushed into a chair next to baby Susan. Susan was sitting in her high chair and had an excellent time smearing her mashed peas everywhere else than into her mouth; this brought a smile to Jennifer. At least Susan couldn’t upset her in any way. Sam didn’t seem to have noticed anything; she kept glancing at Jennifer and running a hand through her wet hair.

>>I think she’s fine now, just let her be for a while.<< Jack gently pulled Sam away from Jennifer and into a chair of her own. Jennifer looked grateful at Jack and sipped her tea in silence.

>>Where have you been?<< Sam asked, and Jennifer guessed Sam couldn’t stand the silence any more. Sam sounded anxious but also relieved to have Jennifer back at the house again, and this fact seemed to slowly calm herself. She still didn’t pay attention to Susan, who by now had progressed to smearing the peas all over her and her clothes. This however, was noticed by Jack who started to wipe his daughter clean but quickly gave up, giving the fact that Susan still had more peas left, and Jack could recognize a lost cause. Jennifer sipped her tea once more before she answered.

>>I took a walk. To the graveyard.<< The silence fell like a warm blanket, covering every person in the kitchen, even Susan seemed to be able to feel the seriousness of it because she stopped playing with her food for a moment. Sam and Jack stared at Jennifer, who moved uncomfortably in her seat. In a situation like this, with every eye on her she felt very uncomfortable and she rested her eyes on the table.

>>The graveyard?<< Sam looked first at Jack and then back to Jennifer, who still avoided any glance from either of them. All she did in response was nod. >>But you’ve never been to the graveyard before? Why today, of all days?<< Sam moved from her seat to the one right next to Jennifer’s, where she took Jennifer’s tea cup. Jennifer shrugged as she tried to explain. She tried to explain how she needed to talk to her mother even though she was perfectly aware she was dead. She tried to explain how she still needed the support and comfort of a parent. She tried to explain every emotion she had experienced that morning, but when she thought of Billy and attempted to explain that particular incident, she couldn’t find the words for it. So she stored that experience for another time to tell. It was too much for her to handle in just one day.

>>Was this all because of what I told you this morning?<< Sam tried comforting Jennifer by taking her hand, but it was counter productive. Suddenly Jennifer’s tongue untangled and she let out all the frustrations she’d held back since morning, frustrations she still hadn’t any direct answers to.

>>Why haven’t mum ever said anything? Wasn’t I mature enough? Didn’t she think I was old enough? Was I just supposed to live the rest of my life without ever meeting my father? Was I just to believe he was dead forever? Why would she keep something like this from us? Was he really so horrible she wanted to keep him from us?<< During her little outburst of questions Sam tried to get a word in, but Jennifer didn’t let her. >>And what the heck is going on with me?! I mean, I really wanted him to get of me but not hurt him like that. Sam, what is going on here? Why have I only heard about this now, because clearly you told Jack long ago giving his not-so-surprised reaction this morning.<< Jennifer stopped to breathe, giving Sam a chance to talk.

>>Jennifer, will you please sit down and I’ll try my best to explain everything?<< She looked quite startled from Jennifer’s blast of questions and information. Jennifer had been pacing the room during her rambling and she walked around the kitchen table a few more times before she sat down again. It was strange how much easier it had been to let out her feelings when she was standing. Yet she sat down to get the explanation she had been waiting for for hours. Sam looked around the room while she took a few deep breaths.

>>I think I’ll take Susan upstairs to clean her up a bit.<< Jack yanked a squealing Susan from her high chair and Jennifer could hear her all the way upstairs till Jack closed the door. Sam turned to look at Jennifer.

>>Why haven’t I heard any of this before?<< Jennifer asked before Sam got the chance to start her explanation. Sam reached out for Jennifer’s hand and grasped it within hers.

>>This morning you told me you’ve been having nightmares for a while. A particular nightmare I’m afraid I’m only too familiar with.<<

>>Wait, what? You mean…?<< Jennifer looked oddly at Sam.

>>That I have had the exact same nightmare. And if I’m not much mistaken you can ask Anna and she will tell you the exact same thing. All of us had it when we were your age. Back then mum couldn’t explain what they meant, so they just remained what they were, nightmares. But they are so much more than just nightmares. They are a part of our inheritance.<<

>>What do you mean our inheritance?<< The explanation Jennifer had hoped would clear up a lot of things only confused her further.

>>The woman in the dream, she is a part of us. She is a part of our family, on dad’s side of course. The dream isn’t just a dream. What happens in the dream really happened to her many, many years ago. That’s all I can tell you about the content of the dream because that’s all mum knew. Mum never said anything else.<< Sam broke of, as though she wasn’t sure whether to say the thing she was thinking. In the end, she apparently chose not to. >>That you are having the dream means you are old and mature enough to be told the truth. The reason why we all believed dad to be dead for all those years was because that’s how he and mum decided it a long time ago. Shortly after you were born our grandfather died forcing dad to return to take over the family business, so to speak. He and mum knew they would probably never be a family again. It was impossible for mum to go with dad to where he lived so they made the choice together. Just because he had to go back didn’t mean we had to. At that time mum removed our lockets and hid them. As I tried to tell you this morning, she planned to keep them hidden for as long as possible but everything changed when she got ill. That’s when she returned mine to me and told me the truth about dad. After some time for me to adjust to the idea, we told Anna and returned her locket. Anna and I both believed it to be a short while before we were to tell it to you too, but that is not how mum wanted it. She still wanted us to keep the truth from you. And I will tell you why in a moment.<< She quickly interjected as she could tell Jennifer was about to rant on again. >>We reluctantly agreed but as the time passed and we all realized mum wasn’t getting any better she changed her mind too. She told us the reason why she wanted us to keep it from you; she said the truth would change so much more for you than it did for us and she wasn’t sure you were ready for it. We promised her we would wait till you were ready. We still haven’t figure out what she meant by saying it would change more for you than for us. Jennifer I’m not sure I’m the right person to be telling you all this and frankly I can’t explain it nearly as well as…<< Again she broke off and looked thoughtfully at Jennifer. She bit her lip, something Jennifer recognized in Sam as a sign of doubt. >>You should know that I’ve contacted our father.<<

>>What?!<< Jennifer leaped from her seat and backed away from Sam as she tried to calm her down again.

>>He’ll be here sometime today.<< It became too much for Jennifer and she put her hands on her head. It felt like her throat was closing up and the room started to spin before her eyes.

>>No. No. No.<< She mumbled as she staggered to the sink to gather herself. She didn’t trust her legs or any other part of her body for the moment.

>>I can tell that all of this is too much for you Jennifer, but it is happening. Dad will be here sometime this afternoon. I would very much like it if you were there too. Anna won’t be able to come by today and I’m sure dad would like to see you very much.<< Sam moved almost in slow motion towards Jennifer but she stopped as Jennifer held out a hand. Jennifer still felt unsure of herself, but the thought of her un-dead father just dropping by that afternoon seemed to put her motion in again.

>>I think I need to be a bit alone again.<< She didn’t look away from the floor and avoided Sam’s eyes. She could slowly feel her anger rise in her stomach and she was afraid if she looked at Sam it would burst out.

Slightly shaking all over she dragged her body to her room upstairs and closed the door firmly. It seemed like the entire world was falling apart around her. She fell to the floor slowly and for the second time that day she felt tears down her cheeks. In resolute determination she relocated the photo album and flickered quickly through the pages. She found the photo she was looking for fairly quickly and yanked out the locket from her pocket. With tears still rolling down her face she opened the locket and stared at the happy faces of her parents. They really did look happy. Jennifer wiped her face angrily on her sleeve and forced the remaining tears to stay away. She didn’t want to be sad, she wanted to be angry. In the picture in the album they also looked happy. Jennifer could tell from the date on the back of the photo and by the size of her mother’s stomach it was a short time before Jennifer had been born. The joy was vivid in their eyes and rubbed off on Jennifer and even made her smile slightly, though not for long. She slammed the album shut and tossed it away. The locket was resting gently in the palm of her hand. It barely weighed a thing as it was resting there but the weight it had on Jennifer’s heart and mind was unbearable. She shut that too but instead of throwing it away as she had done with the album she placed it gently on her night dresser.

She could hear someone stop outside the door. For the moment, Jennifer just wanted to be alone. She moved to the other end of the bed and waited for Sam to leave. She couldn’t say anything anyway that would change what she’d already told her. Jennifer scowled at the locket lying on the dresser. In one swift movement she pushed it down the drawer so it wouldn’t remind her. All she really wanted was to be left alone and everything to be as they always had been. She knew that wouldn’t happen. Her father would visit that same day, and he really wanted to see her, according to Sam. The question was though; did Jennifer want to see him?

It’d stopped raining outside. As Jennifer’s mood had calmed so had the rain it seemed. She rested her head on her knees as she looked at the sad summer weather. Too many things were rushing through her head like the rain washing through the streets. There was one thing she knew however: she couldn’t be here when her father came. She would have to leave and come back once she was sure he had gone too.

She crept downstairs as silently as possible. The voices of Sam and Jack echoed from the living room, but Jennifer didn’t feel like explaining her actions. She just wanted to get away. As quietly as she could she sneaked her damp jacket of the hanger and opened the front door. As she closed the door behind her she could hear Sam’s voice ask for her. Jennifer didn’t hesitate for one second. She turned and ran down the street, away from everything.


Jennifer was frozen in front of her own front door. There was no other car in the driveway besides Jack’s so she guessed her father hadn’t arrived yet. This calmed her a bit and her breathing slowed to a normal pace.

She had been walking around without purpose for a while, determined to avoid any places she could risk running into Billy and his gang. At first she had thought about going by one of her friends from school, but then she thought about what she would tell them and the reaction she would get. Anyway, on her way there she had remembered they were leaving for the holidays making the point in going there obsolete. Instead, she had been walking around the streets in her neighbourhood contemplating.

Jennifer had tried to convince herself over and over again that it wasn’t true. Things like that didn’t happen in real life. But deep down she knew it was true. Unlike her mother, they had never had a tombstone or anything similar for her father. Not as much as a memorial or anything. Every time Jennifer or any of her sisters had brought up the subject of her father, their mother always said it was a matter of the past and not something they should talk of anymore. He had been like a ghost in her life. Present without really being there. Now, when he had moved to become almost solid in shape of a real person it was scaring her.

She thought about meeting him. On one hand she desperately wanted to see him because of the simple fact that he was her father. On the other hand she didn’t want to see him because she was still furious with him for leaving her and her family. Though Sam had said he hadn’t had a choice, Jennifer was convinced he did have a choice. You always had a choice, and he had clearly chosen wrong.

She thought about facing her father and letting him know this. She had lived her entire life without any form of father figure. Jennifer finally understood why her mother had never re-married.

Slowly Jennifer opened the front door and tried not to make even the slightest noise. She would prefer it if she could avoid an attack from Sam like the one she had experienced already once that day. To Jennifer’s surprise the kitchen was empty. Jennifer looked around the hallway. There was no spare coat or shoes she didn’t recognize. Yet she could hear voices coming from the living room, including one she didn’t recognize. It was like her heart jumped and lodged itself in her throat. He was here. Her father was in the living room with the rest of her family. Jennifer felt nailed to the floor and at the same time tempted to run upstairs as fast as her legs would carry her and wait till he had gone again. She stood like this, debating herself, for several minutes. In the end her curiosity and defiance won and made her sneak her way through the kitchen to the living room archway. She could hear the adult’s laughter and the childish gibberish Susan was making.

>>Is this your first time meeting the baby?<< She suddenly heard Jack ask. The voice that answered was deep but fresh. It had a friendly tone but Jennifer refrained from making any decisions just yet about the owner of the voice.

>>I’m afraid so. Sam, if I had known in any way I would have visited much sooner.<< He sounded genuinely apologetic, which, thought Jennifer, was something after all.

>>It’s partly my fault. I could’ve contacted you earlier on and told you everything but things have been a bit hectic lately. First we had the arrival of baby Susan and then,<< Here Sam held her breath for a short moment before carrying on. >>Everything with mum happened so fast.<< Jennifer noticed how Sam’s voice lost its energy and bounce as she entered the topic of their mother.

>>Where is your mother by the way?<< He asked as if it was only now he realized she was missing. Silence fell over the room and when Sam finally answered, Jennifer could hear the tension in her voice.

>>Mum isn’t here.<< Her voice was barely audible and Jennifer had to strain to hear her. She also felt the tension that had entered when it almost echoed as he asked for their mother again. Jennifer could, once again, feel her tears pressing behind her eyes.

>>She… She…<< Sam stuttered, unable to speak, unable to put together a simple sentence. Jennifer heard her take a deep breath before she continued. >>Mum passed away.<< Although he didn’t reply in any way, Jennifer could hear the chock he was feeling by his loud gasping noises.

>>When?<< He uttered.

>>About five months ago.<< He sighed and Jennifer could hear the creak of the couch and assumed he had sat down.

>>And Anna? And Jennifer?<< He sounded worried and Jennifer thought she could hear slightly more worry as he asked for her well-being. Why though? Didn’t he think she was able to take care of herself?

>>Both are fine, giving the circumstances. Jack and I moved in here with baby Susan. We are all taking very good care of Jennifer. Anna still lives down town and is coping well, too.<<

>>Baby Susan?<< His voice changed to soft and caring. Jennifer dared herself a glance in the living room. Sam was in the couch with Susan in her lap. Jack was in the chair across the coffee table. In the couch next to Sam, there he was. Jennifer’s heart skipped a beat as she saw him. He was calmly tickling Susan with a huge grin plastered across his face. He was strongly built though you could see the years had worn him and he wore what appeared to be a long chestnut coloured cape draped over his clothes. He looked very close to his picture from the locket. He had the same smile with the same dimples and the slightly crooked teeth. His jaw line was strong and covered in patches of gray stubbles. If it hadn’t been for the gray streaks in his hair Jennifer would never have guessed this was her father. What convinced her completely though, was his eyes. He had the same sparkly green eyes as Jennifer and her sisters had. At the moment, the only difference was, that his seemed to light up the entire room. They glowed of joy at the sight of baby Susan, so much that Jennifer felt very tempted to join the party. But she firmly stayed in her place and listened. For a while no one spoke. All that could be heard from the living room was the indistinctly chatter from Susan. Suddenly he cleared his throat and Jennifer scuttled back in her corner, afraid to be seen.

>>You said you live here with Jennifer now, but where is she?<< His tone of voice shifted from tender to a more serious one, a more business like tone.

>>She’s not home at the moment. We… I only told her this morning. I think it was a bit too much for her.<< Jennifer turned to look in the kitchen window where she saw a slight reflection of the scene in the living room. He was nodding in understanding and then he smiled.

>>I understand. It is obvious that she is not ready to meet me today. I better go again before she gets back.<< Jennifer saw him get up from his seat, and not without effort she could tell from the reflection. All the muscles tensed in her body, readying her to run from her little lookout. He stopped abruptly.

>>But will you tell her I will be back in three days? I would very much like to meet her. It’s been such a long time. I must confess I never thought this day would come.<< His voice had returned to serious but still caring. Jennifer saw how Sam looked surprised but a look of understanding crossed her features as well.

>>Of course. Now I understand what mum meant.<< She heaved a heavy sigh and looked at him. He on the other hand now looked slightly confused. >>Mum didn’t want us to tell Jennifer. We didn’t understand what she meant at the time, but I think I do now. She said too much would change when Jennifer was told.<<

>>It is only natural she would do her best to keep it a secret for all these years. That is what we agreed to do. I was meant to find another but Sam there are none. Just tell Jennifer I would very much like to talk to her and then I will try and explain the rest to the best of my abilities.<<

>>I’ll do that.<< Sam sighed again. Jennifer saw Jack moved over and put his arms around her.

>>Goodbye for now, darling.<< He said in a cheery voice and Jennifer saw him embrace all three of them. She realized he was about to leave and when he did; he would walk this way right past her and see her sitting on the floor eavesdropping on them. There was no way for her to get upstairs in time to hide, but what would she do? She felt paralyzed with nowhere to hide. She heard them move around in the living room, he would spot her any time now. Jennifer closed her eyes and crept as deep in the corner as she could; stupidly hoping he wouldn’t see her. The moment of discovery never came. She sat in the same spot frozen for a long time, neither Sam nor Jack entered the kitchen. She could still hear their voices from the living room, but his was no longer among them. Astounded Jennifer glanced around the corner. The living room was empty, not counting Sam, Jack and Susan. But he had been there, she was sure of it. She had heard and seen him. How could he just disappear like that? She was sure he had been there, this was obvious from the conversation Sam and Jack were having.

>>What should we tell her?< Sam sounded worried and frightened.

>>What he asked us to tell her, I guess. We’ll tell her he’ll be here in three days time and wants to meet her. He’ll have to tell her the rest. We can’t do it nearly as well as him anyway.<<

>>I know. How do you think she’ll react to it? What do you think she’ll do? Jack, I can’t just let her go, mum wouldn’t have wanted that.<<

>>Sam, honey I hate to say it, but your mum isn’t here anymore to make the decisions. Jennifer is 17-years-old. She’s old enough to make a choice like this on her own. And with a little guidance from us she is guaranteed to make the right one.<<

>>Maybe, but I still think she’s too young. Mum chose to keep it from us for a reason, I can’t just ignore that.<< Sam had started to sound slightly hysterical.

>>I know. But you heard him; there is no one else. Jennifer is needed. Once she has all the information it is up to her. You can’t keep her locked up forever.<<

>>Maybe not. But I can try.<< Jennifer could hear from the tone of Sam’s voice that was the end of the conversation and she finally made herself go upstairs.


By evening, Sam came to inform Jennifer dinner was ready and she followed her downstairs to a very silent dinner.

>>Where were you today?<< Sam finally asked, rather tense.

>>I went for a walk. I just needed some time to clear my head.<<

>>Our father came by this afternoon. He was asking for you.<< Jennifer almost said ‘I know’, but stopped at the last minute and stuffed her mouth with mashed potatoes instead.

>>He’ll be back in three days and would like for you to be there. He really wants to talk to you.<< Jennifer just nodded. >>I think you should be here next time he comes. He can explain some of this stuff much better than I will ever be able to.<< She sighed as if that had been very hard to say.

>>What’ll happen if I won’t be there?<< Sam dropped her fork and gave Jennifer a suspicious look.

>>What do you mean?<<

>>What if I don’t want to talk to him? What if I just want all this never to have happened?<<

>>Jennifer, you can’t be serious?<<

>>Why not? He abandoned us, it seems only fair I do the same to him.<< Jennifer pushed the remainder of her dinner away angrily, her appetite had suddenly left. She crossed her arms and stared out the window, and saw it had started to rain again.

>>You’re not serious. He’ll be here in three days and I expect you at least listen to what he has to say.<< Sam started clearing the table and practically stole the food out of Jack’s mouth, who hadn’t finished. He didn’t argue though.

>>You can’t make me. If I don’t want to talk to him I won’t.<< Jennifer got up and headed for the hallway.

>>You’ll do as you’re told and you’ll be sitting in that couch when he gets here next time.<< Sam’s voice rose to the extremely highest of notes and Susan started to cry. But Jennifer didn’t care anymore.

>>You’re not the boss of me. You’re not mum!<< She practically screamed in Sam’s face.

All that was heard was Susan’s crying. Sam looked shocked and upset. Jennifer stared back defiantly. She regretted it the minute the words had escaped her mouth. But the defiance in her didn’t allow her take it back. On the contrary, she furiously turned around and stomped upstairs to her room and slammed the door behind her. She threw herself on the bed and almost expected Sam to knock on the door only seconds later, but she didn’t.


The following days felt like an eternity. The day after their fight, Jennifer had left the house right after breakfast not leaving any time to talk to Sam. She had patted Susan kindly on the head, but not even spared as much as a look at neither Sam nor Jack. She knew if she looked at Jack he would convince her to stay and talk to Sam. But she didn’t want her fight with Sam to affect her relationship with Susan.

She spent the day thinking about how to deal with everything, including her now lukewarm situation with Sam. She headed for the old tree house she used to retreat to when she was in kindergarten. Usually it was crowded with younger children, but today it was surprisingly vacated. Though she was too big to fit properly, Jennifer climbed to the top and allowed her legs to dangle over the side while she rested her head in her arms.

Jennifer strongly felt it was Sam who had to apologize. Once she did, Jennifer would gladly apologize for shouting at her the way she had.

She tried not to think about her father, but his image kept floating back to her mind. His still young but battered look and how he’d sounded almost pleading in wanting to talk to her. She was torn between wanting to see him and just be embraced in his open arms, like the father she had been missing all those years, and the nagging feeling that was still angry at him for not contacting her in any way for 17 years. She also wanted to see him because it seemed he was the only one able to answer all the questions she had. She had been pestered by the nightmare again that night. Although it didn’t occur after the also expected nightmare about Billy Christensen. Jennifer shuddered at the thought of it and her hands absently moved to her wrists and jaw line. Of course the creepy, pervert bully of the class had to be just that; creepy and disgusting to top it of. In pure self protection she quickly glanced over the area to see if Billy was anywhere near. Once she was sure he was nowhere around she relaxed a bit again. But the places he’d touched her kept prickling.

To divert her thoughts, she returned to think of her father. From the sounds of it, he wanted her for some particular reason. Jack had said she, Jennifer, was needed. Needed for what? What on earth could Jennifer do no one else could do?

By the end of the day, Jennifer’s head swam with ideas and crazy thoughts and her stomach had started to make funny noises as she hadn’t had any food since breakfast. When she got home she found a single plate on the dinner table with food for her. The others were in the living room. Jennifer ate her dinner in silence and spent the rest of the night alone in her room. The next day was much like the other. Jennifer kept to her room where she thought and read books when her head allowed her a break, which was rare. Late in the afternoon someone knocked gently on the door and Sam entered. She sat down on Jennifer’s bed, opposite Jennifer.

>>I’m sorry.<< She said very low. Jennifer shrugged and apologized too.

>>I didn’t mean it. I mean, I know you’re not mum but you’ve been pretty close.<<

>>I know. I think that’s why I feel like I can control you. But the truth is I can’t. Not when it’s to do with this.<<

>>And what is this precisely?<< Jennifer encouraged Sam, who, with a groan, slowly gave up.

>>A choice that will change your life. But I’m not the right person to tell you about it. Our father will explain it tomorrow. That is, if you choose to be there?<< Jennifer bit her lip. She had debated this question over and over again in her head, ever since she heard him say he would return, two days ago. She was still angry with him and because of that she didn’t want to see him. But she also felt confused by a lot of things and knew he was the only one who was able to sort it all out. The question remaining was whether she would keep him at a distance because of something that had happened years ago, which according to Sam had been a necessity, or would she let her confusion and curiosity win?

>>I think I have to be there. If anything, at least to get some answers.<< Sam lit up in a smile and embraced Jennifer.

From the moment Jennifer had agreed to meet her father it seemed time moved quicker than usual. All of a sudden the three days had passed and she knew he would be there by mid-afternoon. From when she woke that morning – after a night of yet another nightmare – time seemed to move even faster than expected. Sometime after three o’clock Sam came to get her from the kitchen where she had been arranging a tray of cookies.

>>Jennifer, I think it’d be best if you waited upstairs till he gets here. I’ll call for you when he’s here.<< This seemed weird to Jennifer. Did Sam not want her there after all? As if Sam had read her mind, she added: >>I think the way he’ll be arriving will have a negative effect on you and I don’t want you more confused than you already are.<< Jennifer allowed Jack to lead her upstairs while Sam remained in the living room.

>>What did she mean?<< Jack merely smiled.

>>Why don’t you keep Susan company and then we’ll call for you?<< He closed the door and went to join Sam. Jennifer stared at the closed door but turned at the sound of Susan’s overjoyed babbling at the sight of Jennifer.

>>So, do you know anything about all this?<< She asked Susan as she yanked her from her cot. >>Did you like him?<< Jennifer had to laugh at her own question. >>Well of course you liked him. You think anyone who smiles and feeds you is nice.<<

It didn’t take long before Jennifer heard Sam calling. Jennifer went to look out the window. There was no car in the driveway this time either. She looked up and down the street just to make sure, but there were no cars she didn’t recognize. She took a deep breath. In the hallway she stopped to look for unknown shoes, but they weren’t there, just like last time. She felt she needed a few more deep breaths before she moved on. Susan didn’t notice any of the distress Jennifer was feeling. She was happily tugging at Jennifer’s long brown hair. It seemed Jennifer had lost all thoughts about breathing and she had to focus very hard to do so.

The living room was very quiet. She saw Sam and Jack in the couch, and judging from their expressions they looked just as excited and nervous as Jennifer felt. She then turned the corner, still holding tightly on to Susan, and there he was. As last time he was draped in the long chestnut cape-thing. As she entered the living room his face lit up and Jennifer got caught in his eyes.

>>Jennifer.<< His voice was rough; she got the feeling he had longed to say her name for many years. He had shaved this time, though it was still visible how gray his beard would’ve been. Sam hastened to take Susan and sat down next to Jack.

Jennifer kept in her place, just as he didn’t move from his. All of a sudden Jack cleared his throat and Jennifer seemed to emerge to the surface again. She averted her eyes and moved to sit in a chair, making it impossible for anyone to sit directly next to her. No one spoke. Jennifer didn’t know what to say in this situation. She could feel his eyes linger on her constantly. But she felt no desire to look at him. She had seen him once before, though of course he didn’t know that. So, she lifted her head slightly and looked him straight in the eyes again. It was like looking in a mirror. Those eyes she had wanted to know the origins of her entire life, and now they were staring right back at her. She suddenly felt out of breath. It was as time had stopped and all eyes were on Jennifer. Once again Jack cleared his throat and brought the room out of its trance.

>>Cookie?<< Sam passed the tray across the table and he graciously accepted one. Sam passed the tray around and the silence crept back. It took a while before Jennifer felt compelled to break the silence.

>>Sam said you wanted to speak to me?<< She said it with a blank expression without meeting his eyes. He straightened up and put the half-eaten cookie down.

>>Straight to the point, I see. Well, yes Sam was right. I do want to speak to you.<< She looked at him. He looked friendly, but she kept hold of the tiny bit of anger she still felt towards him in the pit of her stomach. She wasn’t ready to forgive him even if he looked very friendly. >>But before I tell you what I’ve come to tell you, I believe you have some questions for me? Some in desperate need of answers.<< He made a gesture inviting her to ask anything she wanted. Jennifer could see Sam waiting breathlessly and she hadn’t noticed Susan had stolen a cookie she was eagerly eating.

>>All right. Why did you leave us?<< She might as well start with the worst one. It was clear he had almost expected this question, she detected a shimmer of a smile. He heaved a deep breath and started.

>>I had no choice.<<

>>Bullocks. You always have a choice and you chose wrong. And I’m starting to think I did the same about today.<< She sounded angrier than she’d intended but she couldn’t help it. Watching him, looking perfectly happy made her angrier than she had realized. She’d half expected him to at least appear to be regretful for leaving them all those years ago, but he didn’t. He stared at Jennifer with so much joy in his eyes, eyes so like her own, that she could no longer contain her emotions. She had to look away. She could hear Sam mumble incoherently as Jennifer contemplated whether she should stay or storm out the room, not really paying any attention to what the others were saying.

>>It’s understandable you are angry Jennifer.<< His voice was lamented with guilt and Jennifer looked at him again. >>I’ve been blaming myself for many years, just as you are doing right now. Not a day went by where I didn’t wish to return to you once I went back but it was never an option for me. And if you will let me, I will try to tell you why.<< Sam had nearly stopped breathing from anticipation and Susan, who had now moved to Jack’s lap, stopped sucking her cookie. Jennifer looked at her sister and back at her father. Both were hopefully waiting for her answer. Again, she strongly contemplated just walking out the room but she was still curious to hear what had made her father walk out on his family. She wanted to know what had been so much more important than her and her sisters.

>>Fine.<< She said curtly and relaxed her shoulders a bit. He let out a relieved sigh and started his story.

>>Truth be told, your mother and I never should have met. We are from very different places, but as it happened we did meet and fell in love almost instantly. Shortly after, I left my parents to start a family of my own with your mother. My entire life has been influenced by high expectations of me and I was glad to get rid of them; to live in peace with your mother. Sadly, my past caught up with me eventually anyway. My older brother, your uncle, who should’ve taken over after my father, died at a very young age. It was always planned for him to take on our father’s responsibilities once they became too much for him. But after my brother died, my parents contacted me to tell me it was up to me now. I refused point blank. Tthis happened while your mother was pregnant with Anna. My parents understood my choice at the time and had no other solution than to accept it.

However, shortly after you were born Jennifer, my father died and things changed drastically. With the death of my father problems quickly arose in my home country. I was the only one left in the family to take his place; my mother was too old and tired to take his place, so by then I was forced to return. For a number of years I tried to find the slightest hint of a loophole, sadly without success. Because your mother was incapable of going with me, we made the agreement we have been living with for many years. When your mother fell ill she apparently started to see things differently and told some of you the truth.<< Jennifer felt a strong urge to cut in at this point in the story.

>>But how can it be, that you were the only one to take your father’s place? I mean, I bet loads of other people could’ve done that. And why couldn’t mum go back with you? This makes no sense.<< He held up a hand to Jennifer, who was halfway out of herself to leave, as well as the rest of the people in the room. He gave Sam an apologetic look, after which she nodded with a sad grimace.

>>Do you want the truth Jennifer?<< His voice had grown serious again and it made her hesitate. But she nodded non-the-less.

>>The truth is I am not from here. I was born in a place called Júzrïe. The reason your mother couldn’t return with me was because she had grown too old. People from here can only enter Júzrïe till they reach a certain age. Because I was born there, and you are my daughters, you will always be able to go to Júzrïe. It is all very complicated and not important right now. The point is, I had to go back because there was no one else.<<

>>But why? What was so important for you to take over that you upped and left your family?<< Jennifer crossed her arms again and glared defiantly at her father. He glanced briefly at Sam and Jennifer saw the pained expression on Sam. She was biting her lip hard and her eyes were tense. He kept his eyes on Sam as if they were communication without sound. Suddenly it seemed Sam gave in, her shoulders dropped and her eyes turned to the table in defeat. He was breathing heavily and turned his attention back to Jennifer.

>>Now listen carefully Jennifer. It may happen you will have to be able to remember this. In Júzrïe there are 15 families who are part of the High Council. These 15 families are some of the oldest in the country, which is why they are part of the Council. One of these families is much older than the others and because of this that family has the final word if any disputes should arise. That old family is mine, and thereby yours.<<

>>So what you’re saying is our family is in charge of this council thing and that’s why you had to go back?<< Jennifer grunted and rolled her eyes. In her mind, any person could easily have replaced her father.

>>Not quite. Democracy is thriving and every family has their say in things. Our family is highly regarded in Júzrïe because we are traced through history and many people look up to us because of the things we have done over the years, which is why we all have a responsibility to live up to. Mine was to take on my father’s place in the High Council when he died. The way it works is, every family is represented by the family’s chosen head of the family. When my father died, I was the head of the family.<<

>>Why couldn’t your mother have done it?<<

>>You have to understand that your grandmother is old and when she lost your grandfather it also deprived her of some of her joy for life, not that she’s wishing for death in any way. Some times she’s more energetic than before my father died. Had it not been for the wish of the people she would gladly have replaced me.<<

>>What do you mean?<<

>>The people of Júzrïe help to decide the representatives of the High Council, to a certain degree. The families have a responsibility to live up to and if they do not do this they have to be held account for it with the people and deal with the consequences. Your grandmother announced she would gladly succeed my father, but the people wouldn’t let her. According to them she had done hers and deserved to rest in her remaining years. This is why they sent for me. Things aren’t always as they seem Jennifer. I hope you understand that now, along with why I was forced to go back.<< He opened his hands and leaned back in his chair as if his part in the conversation was over. Jennifer was still processing. Throughout her life the only family she had known was her parents and her sisters. She had barely known, let alone met, her grandparents on her mother’s side. Now she was told her family on her father’s side was the oldest in a place she had never heard of before. It seemed too good to be true and very unrealistic, yet it was also very appealing. She had always envied her friends from school when they left to visit some of their relatives, secretly jealous of their large families. The idea that Jennifer now had other people she could call family and who were perhaps even waiting for, her strangely warmed her heart. There was still one problem though. She knew nothing of this Júzrïe and the concept of her mother not being able to go there still appeared odd.

>>All right. All this doesn’t explain anything about this Júzrïe you’re talking about. What sort of place is it? Where is it? I admit, I’m not the best at Geography but I do all right, and I’ve never heard of this Júzrïe.<< Her father chuckled though Jennifer couldn’t fathom the funny part of anything she had just said.

>>There is a reason why you have never heard of it, or seen it on any map for that matter.<< Jennifer merely raised an eyebrow to make him go on.

>>Júzrïe is not available to just anybody. This is why you won’t be able to place it on any of your maps. Júzrïe is different from the world you know.<<

>>Wait a minute. Are you telling me Júzrïe is another world?<< Jennifer felt her body collapse in her chair and she had adopted a look of desperation. Her father squirmed in his seat.

>>Yes and no. Júzrïe is part of this world but then it is not.<<

>>I’m completely lost.<< In pure frustration Jennifer got up and went into the kitchen. He made a move to follow her but she heard Sam stop him; Jennifer felt a wave of gratitude towards Sam at that moment. She was breathing heavily in her frustration and she couldn’t think of anything else to do then walk around the kitchen table. Events of the past days swirled in her head and mixed in with the new information she had gotten. She thought back to what had started it; her nightmare, and realized she hadn’t asked anything about that. She looked back at the living room. He was twirling a cookie between his fingers. Jennifer leaned on the chair in front of her; she wasn’t sure she still wanted to hear what her nightmare could mean. She wasn’t sure of anything anymore. The chair creaked against the floor as she pulled it out to sit down. Sam came to join her quickly and reached out a hand to Jennifer.

>>Dad wants to know if you won’t come back in the living room again? He has to leave again soon.<< Feeling very tired, Jennifer raised her head and nodded curtly. Sam had an arm around Jennifer as they went back to the living room. This time she squeezed in between Sam and Jack instead of the chair. She felt she needed their support. It was fine to sit between them because they were the only thing she could still understand in the room.

>>Jennifer I can’t stay much longer. I would love to tell you more about Júzrïe another day but I’m afraid I have to leave in a little while. But before I do I have a few questions for you.<< Jennifer reached for Sam’s hand before he continued.

>>It is obvious I am growing old.<< Sam let out a small gasp and her hold on Jennifer tightened, but why she did this seemed weird to Jennifer.

>>The agreement your mother and I made consisted partly in me finding another person to carry on our family, but sadly I have not had any success in this. Both your sisters have grown too old to have a life in Júzrïe but you on the other hand still have this option. I guess my question is this; would you come back with me to Júzrïe and carry on our family and the pride following it?<< Jennifer’s mouth had fallen open and she stared back at her father. She had lost nearly all feeling in her hand from Sam’s tight grip. Before she was able to answer he spoke again. >>I do not expect you to answer right away. It is obviously a big decision not to be made within minutes. I will be leaving in a few minutes but I will return in three days. I’m giving you these three days to make up your mind. I ask you to think it over very thoroughly, consult your sisters if you wish. I want you to know, if you choose to come with me it would mean for you to depart with everything you know here. It would be the beginning of a new life in Júzrïe with me and giving up your life here with your sister. I realize how this might sound as a burden but it is your legacy as part of the Paris family.

You will have to attain schooling, which will prepare you for a life in Júzrïe in the future and learn much more about your family and what a life with me will involve.<< Very suddenly he got up and Jennifer was rather surprised. Sam was still holding her tightly. He moved towards the large mirror and then turned back to Jennifer.

>>I will be back in three days. While I’m gone, think about what I’ve said. No matter what you decide I will respect it. If you have any further questions you will have to ask your sister and if she cannot answer I will do my best the next time I come. Think very hard about what I have said Jennifer.<< He held his hand over his eyes as a sign for Jennifer to do the same. It was as all reason had left Jennifer and without really thinking anymore she did as Sam and Jack besides her and placed a hand over her eyes. She heard her father mumble something she couldn’t understand and next thing the room was lit up by a bright light forcing her to close her eyes tight behind her hand.

When she opened her eyes again and looked around the room her father was gone.


 Copyright Michelle H. Lindberg

To be continued in Chapter Four – Decisions

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Me Before You (Jojo Moyes, 2012)


Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.
What Lou doesn’t know is she’s about to lose her job or that knowing what’s coming is what keeps her sane.
Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he’s going to put a stop to that.
What Will doesn’t know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they’re going to change the other for all time.

(Tekst fra goodreads)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hold nu op det er lang tid siden jeg har grædt snot så meget som jeg gjorde til den her bog. Jeg tror sidste tårerne strømmede så frit fra mig var da jeg læste Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, og det er lige før jeg nåede op på siden af den, målt i tårer altså.

Jeg var egentlig godt klar over at jeg havde givet mig i kast med en rigtig chick-litt, men at den ville ramme mig så hårdt som den gjorde, havde jeg ikke forudset. Jeg har hørt mange gode anmeldelser fra flere der har læst den og også har sagt de græd i stride strømme, men jeg tror bare ikke at jeg troede nok på dem. Min skepsis sagde at der skal meget til – hvis man ikke hedder Rowling til efternavn – for at få mig til at græde over en bog. Her tog jeg så grueligt fejl.

Historien om Will Traynor der ender i kørestol efter en voldsom trafikulykke der skal have barnepige på i form af spøjse Louisa Clark spinder et net af kulørte livshistorier, hvad enten det er tidligere oplevelser fra Wills side eller ting Lou endnu ikke har oplevet, som Will insisterer på hun skal tage mod til sig at gøre en skønne dag. Netop fordi essensen i denne bog er at livet er for kort, og vi bliver nødt til at leve det fuldt ud.

Lige fra første introduktion af Lou var jeg utrolig glad for hende. Hun er så underlig, men elskelig at jeg bare ikke kunne lade være med at holde af hende. Samtidig er hun så kærlig overfor sin familie og villig til at opgive sit eget liv for at hjælpe dem i nødens stund, så meget at hun sætter sig eget liv på pause og helt glemmer at leve for sin egen skyld. Det kræver en idiot af en mand i kørestol før hun begynder at leve sit liv.
Og på trods af Will og hans dumdristige kommentarer gik der heller ikke mange kapitler før jeg blev rigtig glad for ham, og tanken om hvad han havde planlagt skar i mit hjerte. På den ene side kan jeg sagtens se det fra hans side, at han befinder sig et sted i sit liv som han aldrig havde planlagt eller for den sags skyld ønsker.

“I don’t want to go there in this – this thing.” He gestured at the chair, his voice dropping. “I want to be in Paris as me, the old me.”

Jeg kan se at livet må være en plage set fra hans perspektiv, men samtidig sidder jeg jo og læser det hele fra Lous synsvinkel, og hendes desperate forsøg på at ændre Wills mening gav også mig et spinkelt håb. Jeg ved ikke hvorfor jeg altid ender med at læse den her slags bøger der tager den slags moralske valg op. Tidligere på året læste jeg min første af slagsen (se her hvis du er nærmere interesseret), og nu Me Before You. Spørgsmålet om folk skal have lov til at tage deres eget liv efter den slags ulykker eller voldsom uhelbredelig sygdom er et spørgsmål jeg ikke tør tage stilling til, men ligesom problematikken i bogen ligger op til, ser jeg da helst at folk vælger livet, på trods af mange nederlag.

“Believe me, Clark, my whole life has changed for the better since you came. But it’ not enough for me. It’s not the life I want.”

Slutningen gjorde bare hele historien så meget mere hjerteskærende. Jeg hadede at det skulle ende som det skulle, men set i bakspejlet er det den slutning der giver bedst mening. Havde den sluttet på anden vis ville den have brudt med genren og det dilemma der blev sat op fra start af. Samtidig blev jeg så glad på Lous vegne at jeg begyndte at græde endnu en gang.

Jeg vil anbefale at have en pak lommeletter klar til de sidste ca 10 kapitler af bogen hvis du giver dig i kast med den. Nu har jeg fået den anbefalet de sidste par år, siden den kom i første omgang, og det viser bare endnu en gang at jeg skal lytte lidt mere til de bøger folk anbefaler mig, for de har haft ret indtil videre.

For nu, har jeg dog brug for en tårepause, og venter lidt med min næste Jojo Moyes bog, i tilfælde af den skulle være lige så hjerteskærende som den første her. Hvad syntes I, hvor meget græd I da I læste den, hvis I altså har læst den?


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X-Men, Days of Future Past

Med alle de film Marvel spytter ud hvert år er det svært ikke at se dem i biografen. Det var da heller ikke nogen undtagelse med det seneste skud på stammen, og den seneste i X-Men serien. X-Men, Days of Future Past foregår i en fremtid hvor mutanter og mennesker der har den mindste smule x-gen i sig er jaget vildt. Sentinel programmet er programmeret til deres gen og de er umulige at slippe væk fra. Fremtiden ser ret så håbløs ud for vores gruppe af mutanter.

Således indledes filmen og man ved ikke helt hvad det præcis er man går ind til, medmindre selvfølgelig at man har set en forfærdelig masse af de andre Marvel film, som jo alle sammen linker til hinanden. Derfor kommer det ikke som nogen overraskelse af Professoren stadig er i live, for det så vi jo i slutklippet i den seneste Wolverine film. Alligevel syntes jeg dog at der mangler en slags forklaring på hvordan han rent faktisk kan være i live. Pludselig er ham og Magneto de rene kammersjukker endnu en gang, men man sidder lidt med et spørgsmålstegn hængende over hovedet til hvordan et par ting hænger sammen. Desværre er der ikke tid til den slags for Logan, Wolverine, skal hurtigst muligt sendes tilbage til 1973 for at forhindre det der siden hen udløste Sentinel projektet. Hvilket jo er lettere sagt end gjort.

Ikke desto mindre vågner Logan pludselig tilbage i 1973, og ja, det er med svaj i bukserne og alt der dertil hører med, og at se Logan i det miljø er ikke andet end underholdende. I det hele taget lader det til at Marvel udnytter Logans kyniske side til at skabe så meget humor som muligt, og selvom det efterhånden er ret brugt, så virker det stadig. Jeg sad da i hvert fald flere gange og kluklo over enten situationer eller one-liners fra Logans side.



Udover de sædvanlige kendinge af X-Men gruppen møder vi også et par nye som bidrager med hver deres evner og måde at udnytte dem. Som den superhurtige Peter der hjælper dem med at bryde ind i Pentagon, samtidig med der bliver hintet lidt til hans baggrund – hvilket jeg først lagde mærke til bagefter efter at have læst lidt på nettet. Alligevel syntes jeg godt man kunne fange den diskrete hentydning til interne forhold. Generelt var der en helt vildt masse X-Men intertextualitet i den her film og det var jeg helt vild med. Jeg er stor fan af hvordan de formår at kede alle filmene sammen gennem gamle klip og fortællinger og baggrundshistorier fra flere af personerne. Det gjorde plottet meget mere interessant. Det faktum at næsten alle ens favorit mutanter er med i hele filmen er blot endnu et plus.

På skuespilslisten må den største ros gå til Jennifer Lawrence som Raven/Mystique. Hun formår at fange så meget hævndrift og usikkerhed på samme tid at det er utroligt. Samtidig spiller hun fænomenalt og så klær det hende overraskende godt at være i blåt. Derudover er hele castes jo så stjernespækket som noget kan være. Patrick Stewart/James McAvoy som Professoren, Ian McKellen/Michael Fassbender som Magneto, Hugh Jackman som Wolverine, Hally Berry, Ellen Page og et par gamle kendinge helt tilbage fra de første film, som du selv må se filmen for at finde ud af. *Spoilers*



Alle Marvels film er generelt et cirkus af speciel effects og utrolige billeder hele filmen igennem, og det her var ingen undtagelse. Et stort plus filmen skal have er at jeg ikke fandt mig selv forstyrret på noget som helst tidspunkt at scener hvor jeg sad og tænkte at de var bevidst inkluderet for at udnytte 3D effekten. Jeg så filmen i 2D, og det kan klart anbefales. Ofte med film der tilbydes i begge dele bliver mit øje tit forstyrret af scener der er lavet KUN for at udnytte 3D, men ikke her. Her er en film der spiller på sine styrker og det er sine karakterer, som så tilfældigvis bare har lidt specielle evner der giver et fantastisk show.

Som altid giver Marvel også en lille teaser helt til sidste efter alle rulleteksterne. Som en af de andre der også blev siddende tilbage i salen udtrykte det; ”Og det blev vi siddende 3 minutter for?!” Tja, jeg fik et indblik i hvordan de rent faktisk byggede pyramiderne, men klogere syntes jeg heller ikke jeg blev. Det er højst sandsynlig fordi min Marvel viden primært stammer fra filmene og at jeg ikke har læst ret mange (for at sige ingen) tegneserier, så jeg har ingen anelse om hvad der er lagt op til i kommende Marvel film i det her univers.

Forrige anmeldelse: Captain America

Næste anmeldelse: Maleficent

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Fødselsdags-Extravaganza! Konkurrence #01

Eftersom Juni måned er min måned – hermed ment at det er i juni jeg har fødselsdag – har jeg i den forbindelse besluttet at holde et par konkurrencer. Jeg elsker selv at få gaver og bliver forkælet, så den følelse syntes jeg at jeg ville dele lidt med jer derude.

Det er lidt svært som man bliver ældre at ens ønskeseddel til modsætning bliver mindre og mindre. De sidste par år har jeg faktisk haft svært ved at komme på ønsker, og der var sågar en jul jeg ikke havde nogen ønskeseddel. Det kan dog anbefales, for det år blev jeg beriget med så mange dejlige ting jeg slet ikke vidste jeg manglede. Det viste bare hvor godt min familie kender mig, og så vidt jeg husker var der ikke noget der skulle byttes eller noget der kom i to omgange.

Det med at bytte gaver er også noget underligt noget syntes jeg. Jeg har det svært ved tanken om at skulle bytte noget som mine bekendte måske har gjort sig store planer om at det bare var mig. Jeg syntes lidt det er at være utaknemmelig, også selvom det er fordi man har fået den samme gave to gange. Derfor er jeg på det seneste begyndt at lave forskellige ønskesedler når folk spørger efter dem. Så har jeg i det mindste en forhåbning om at der ikke er alt for mange ting der er ens når man skal til at pakke gaver ud.

Og når man så skal pakke gaven ud, det er det bedste. Jeg elsker jul og den stemning der følger med hele december måned, men min fødselsdag er noget andet. Det er min dag og her må jeg indrømme at jeg godt kan være lidt egoistisk. Jeg minder mig selv om at det er okay, for det er trods alt kun en gang om året at jeg er det. Jeg vil bare gerne have at min fødselsdag er min dag, det er vel ikke så slemt?

At blive vækket om morgenen, meget gerne med morgenmad klar til jeg hopper ud af sengen, at få helt lov til selv at bestemme hvad jeg vil lave og hvor meget jeg vil lave og bare blive forkælet. I vores familie har vi den tradition at gå ud og spise når man har fødselsdag, og som fødselaren må jeg helt bestemme hvilken restaurant det skal være. Ens fødselsdag er en dag man gerne må være lidt egoistisk, syntes jeg. I år er jeg dog nødt til at give lidt slip på min egoisme. Kæresten skal nemlig til eksamen den dag, og ikke bare en almindelig eksamen der måske lige kunne fejes til side med et pænt Tillykke bagefter. Næh, nej det er såmænd Specialet der skal forsvares og derefter selvfølgelig også fejres. Tsk, det har jeg indfundet mig med – næsten da. Det betyder bare at jeg er begyndt at lede efter andre muligheder for at fejre mig selv – og så kan det godt være jeg er lidt egoistisk lidt mere end den ene dag, men det skal bare ses som en opvejning.

En af måderne jeg vil fejre mig selv er faktisk at forkæle andre, nemlig jer! (Se bare, allerede her er jeg ikke engang egoistisk!) Jeg vil nemlig afholde at par konkurrencer her i løbet af juni måned for at dele glæden ved at få en gave, og ikke mindst post – en anden ting jeg er utrolig glad for. Den første konkurrence har to præmier, hvilket vil sige to vindere. Den første præmie er bogen Pride Prejudice af Jane Austen. Sjovt nok er det en bog jeg ikke kunne udstå før jeg skrev projekt om den på universitet, lige siden har jeg elsket den, og jeg syntes den glæde skal deles med så mange andre. Det er jo en klassiker og der er sikkert mange der allerede har læst den, men jeg ved også at mange endnu ikke har læst den. Den anden præmie er et par ørenringe fra Pieces. Begge gaver er udvalgt ud fra ting som jeg holder af; bøger og Austen siger lidt sig selv, men ørenringe er også en accessory som jeg kan blive ved med at samle på. Det er nok en af de ting jeg altid kommer hjem med uanset hvilken slags ferie jeg er på, og mine smykketræer bugner efterhånden så jeg ikke har plads til dem alle sammen.

2014-05-31 12.06.26-1

2014-05-31 12.05.39-1

2014-05-31 12.05.49-1

2014-05-31 18.14.42-1

2014-05-31 18.15.42-1

Alt hvad du skal gøre for at deltage i denne første konkurrence er at komme med en kommentar om hvad den bedste start på din fødselsdag ville være. Husk endelig også at tilføje din mail adresse så jeg kan komme i kontakt med dig, skulle du være så heldig at vinde. Vinderen vil blive trukket lørdag den 7 juni, ved helt tilfældig lodtrækning, og vil blive kontaktet hurtigst muligt.

Udover de to præmier har jeg også en bonus surprise pakke der vil blive fordelt løbende, som ekstra til en af de to udvalgte vindere. Det vil altså sige at udover den præmie jeg udlover specifikt ryger der en lille ekstra ting med i pakken til den ene af de to vindere.

2014-05-31 12.10.31-1

I mellemtiden vil jeg i kommende uge finde muligheder for at forkæle mig selv som optakt til min fødselsdag, og komme med tips og tricks til hvordan man kan fejre sin fødselsdag en hel måned – forhåbentligt uden at andre folk syntes man er helt utålelig, det vil tiden jo vise.

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The Vanishing Season (Jodi Lynn Anderson, 2014)


Girls started vanishing in the fall, and now winter’s come to lay a white sheet over the horror. Door County, it seems, is swallowing the young, right into its very dirt. From beneath the house on Water Street, I’ve watched the danger swell.
The residents know me as the noises in the house at night, the creaking on the stairs. I’m the reflection behind them in the glass, the feeling of fear in the cellar. I’m tied—it seems—to this house, this street, this town.
I’m tied to Maggie and Pauline, though I don’t know why. I think it’s because death is coming for one of them, or both. All I know is that the present and the past are piling up, and I am here to dig.I am looking for the things that are buried.

(Tekst fra goodreads)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jeg må indrømme at det her var en bog jeg faldt for omslaget af. Da jeg fandt den på netgalley hed den også The Moment Collector og det syntes jeg også var en interessant titel. Efter at have skimtet et par anmeldelser på goodreads, fandt jeg dog hurtigt ud af at der intet uhyggeligt var over den. Hvis man da lige ser bort fra den forbryder der er på flugt i historien.

Maggie er af ikke så klare årsager flyttet med sin familie fra storbyen og alt hvad Chicago ellers kan byde på til en lille udkantsby, det ikke har meget andet at tilbyde end turistsæsonen i sommerhalvåret. Resten af året sker der ikke alverden, og da slet ikke når man får hjemmeundervisning som Maggie gør. Det er hurtigt tydeligt at Maggies familie ikke ligefrem fløjter med pengene omkring sig, og jeg sad flere gange og blev rørt og Maggies familieforhold – når faderen køber en ny kjole til hende, som ikke er den hun havde ønsket sig, og som faktisk også er den mest grimme kjole, så gør hun sig alligevel umage for at syntes om den fordi hun ved hendes forældre har spinket og sparet for at hun kunne få den her flotte kjole. Den slags ting syntes jeg fungerede super godt i bogen. Uden at man rent faktisk er klar over det, bliver man proppet med moraler og visdom om hvordan man skal være et bedre medmenneske og hvordan vi skal – eller ikke skal – behandle andre folk. Moralen i disse små tilfælde er så godt skjult at man ikke tænker videre over det og blot tager det med som en del af oplevelsen i den gode historie.

Personerne i bogen er virkelig godt beskrevet. Maggie som vores hovedperson illustrere alle de følelser som jeg er sikker på vi alle sammen har oplevet i vores teenageår, og man både elsker og lider sammen med hende. Hun er så jordnær at jeg holdt af hende lige fra starten af og jeg heppede på hende hele vejen igennem, hvilket bare gjorde slutningen så meget mere sørgelig.

Pauline tog et par kapitler for at jeg blev nogenlunde glad for hende. Hun starter med at være den frembrusende nabo der bare gør ting ud af det blå fordi hun er vant til at tingene som regel falder ud til hendes fordel, og hun glemmer tit i farten at tænke på hendes venner omkring sig. På trods af det bliver hende og Maggie rigtig gode venner, måske nok mest fordi de er så vidt forskellige at det er den eneste måde hvorpå de kunne finde sammen. Efter man havde vænnet sig til Paulines opførsel og man fandt ud af at sådan var hun altså bare, begyndte jeg så småt også at kunne lide om hende. Jeg blev da også både glad og ked da hun blev sendt væk fra byen i frygt for den farlige forbryder der endnu ikke var blevet fanget på det tidspunkt.

Paulines fravær gjorde dog at man lærte Liam noget mere at kende og han er den slags person man som ung pige-læser hurtigt vil falde for, og jeg skal da heller ikke holde mig tilbage og sige at han var sådan en fyr man gerne ville have kendt i sine unge dage. Han er så opofrende og vil gøre næsten alt for at gøre sine veninder glade, mest af alt Pauline som han er håbløst forelsket i, og har været siden barndom.

Venskabet mellem de tre udvikler sig på kryds og tværs i løbet af det ene år historien udspiller sig, og jeg håber ikke jeg har afsløret for meget for det her er klart en historie jeg vil anbefale man selv læser. Det begrunder sig i de følelser man bliver trukket med ind i igennem Maggie og de oplevelser hun har. Der var flere gange hvor jeg lige skulle have de sidste par linjer med i et kapitel inden jeg skulle ud af døren om morgenen, så gribende var den.

5 star

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Skæbnens Valg (Mette Bundgaard Laursen, 2014)

21922922Anmeldereksemplar fra Forlaget Facet

Tilbage på Jorden er Kate fast besluttet på at leve sit eget liv frem for at leve efter Noahs profeti. Men det er svært for hende at komme videre, når hendes tanker bliver ved med at vende tilbage til Caldera. Hun er dog helt sikker på, at hun ikke vil vende tilbage til galaksen sammen med Noah – lige indtil han giver hende et tilbud, hun ikke kan afslå.

(Tekst fra goodreads)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Det var så slutningen på Caldera trilogien, og igen sidder jeg med meget blandede følelser omkring hele serien. Jeg må desværre sige at jeg ikke blev overrasket over den endelig slutning. Da jeg havde læst bog 2 sad jeg lidt med en fornemmelse for hvad det endeligt ville slutte med, og samtidig med at jeg gerne så den slutning håbede jeg også at Mette Bundgaard Laursen ville overraske mig. Desværre holdt hun sig til det standard plot og jeg sad med en lidt flad fornemmelse tilbage til slut. På den anden side var det den eneste slutning historien kunne have, efter hvad der skete i bog 2 ville det være modstridende både historien og personerne at den skulle ende på anderledes vis, og det er netop fordi der er blevet sat så meget op omkring hele det her profeti-spørgsmål.

Apropos personerne blev mine forskellige holdninger, der dukkede op i løbet af bog 2, kun forstærket. Noah blev pludselig fremstillet som en skingrende sindssyg, snotforkælet møgunge der bare ikke kan finde ud af at godtage et nej på nogen som helst måde. På samme tid forsøgte Kate, og herigennem vel også Mette B. L, at godtgøre Noahs valg og handlinger som at det er hvad han er nødsaget til at gøre på grund af alle disse profetier.

På samme tid blev mine holdninger til Naphal også bare meget mere positive. I stedet for at fremstå som den evindelig skurk, blev han bare mere og mere som den lille hundehvalp der bare savner at blive klappet lidt. Hans desperation gør bare at han bliver endnu mere sympatisk og man syntes mere og mere om ham.

Stort set hele den her sidste bog igennem, og faktisk også lidt at bog 2, sad jeg med en fornemmelse af at Mette Bundgaard Laursen har læst lidt for meget Twilight. Kates endeløse indre kamp om det er Noah eller Naphal der er den rette for hende mindede mig alt for meget om det konstante spørgsmål om det skal være Edward eller Jacob. På samme tid begyndte Kate at minde mig lidt om Bella, og det gjorde ikke sagen bedre. Dog er Kate knap så selvmedlidenhed og hun har en god portion selvironi, hvilket helt klart kommer til hendes fordel.

Alt i alt syntes jeg at Mette Bundgaard Laursen har skabt en gribende kærlighedshistorie som holder teenageren til siden, netop fordi spørgsmålet om hvem Kate ender sammen bliver trukket ud helt til det sidste. Og den ros skal Mette Bundgaard Laursen have. For selvom plottet måske er en smule forudsigeligt, så formår hun at vedholde en spændt, romantisk stemning hele vejen igennem som pirrer læseren til at blive ved med at læse. På trods af at det ikke er mine absolut favorit bøger følte jeg alligevel ikke at jeg bare kunne lade være med at læse dem. Spændingen ligger og ulmer under overfladen af de gængse teenageproblemer, som så lige bliver krydret med lidt rumrejser og højteknologiske våben for at man kan kalde den science fiction.

Jeg vil mene at hvis man er i alderen 13/14 til nok omkring 19/20 år så vil man finde de her bøger afsindigt gode. For den aldersgruppe har de netop hvad de skal; problemerne fra gymnasiet, vennerne der både elsker og hader dig, festerne og fyrene, kærligheden (ikke at forglemme den første kærlighed), den begyndende lyst til det andet køn, flyvende hormoner og ikke mindst en kamp for overlevelse.

3 star

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Parmesan Chicken Bites

Har du hørt om den app/hjemmeside der hedder foodgawker? Jamen, så lad mig da fortælle dig om den. Det er simpelthen den bedste side til at finde inspiration til nye opskrifter og generelt bare til at savle over. Jeg kigger forbi siden fra tid til anden, mest af alt når jeg føler jeg er gået lidt død i at lave madplaner, og har brug for en hel del inspiration. Det fik jeg også forleden da jeg faldt over et indslag omkring nogle sprødstegte parmesan-kyllinge stykker. Det lød utrolig lækkert og jeg tænkte, hmm, parmesan plus kylling kan da kun blive godt. Så forleden gik jeg i gang med at bikse min egen version sammen. Den originale opskrift inkluderede det dersens panko som jeg egentlig ikke helt ved hvad rent faktisk er, og ved at lave mit eget twist skulle jeg ikke ud og købe noget nyt mystisk som jeg sikkert ikke ville komme til at bruge igen.

2014-05-26 17.30.01

2014-05-26 19.15.16

Jeg tog derfor en håndfuld græskarkerner og fintblendede med en mindre håndfuld sesamfrø. Herefter blandede jeg lidt over to håndfulde fintrevet parmesanost i, sammen med lidt salt. Jeg piskede så et æg som de mundrette kyllingestykker rulles i før de vendes i parmesanblandingen. Om du herefter vælger at stege dem sprøde på panden i lidt olie er op til dig. Jeg tog dog den nemme udvej og lagde dem på en bradepande, hældte lidt olie let og elegant over dem og smed dem i ovnen. Jeg startede med at give den ca 15 min ved 200 grader alm. ovn. De sidste 15 min fik den 200 grader varmluft for at give dem en dejlig sprød skorpe/kant.

Som tilbehør havde de tilfældigvis friske majskolber i netto og jeg havde dagen i forvejen indkøbt en portion portobello svampe, så dem fyldte jeg lidt hytteost i og vupti, så var der frisk tilbehør næsten som var det lavet på grill.

2014-05-26 18.08.29-2

De her chicken bites er utrolig nemme og lave (mest af alt hvis du smider dem i ovnen!) og de smager altså også helt vildt godt. Du kan jo selv bestemme og du vil bruge græskarkerner og sesamfrø sammen med parmesanen eller du vil bruge noget helt andet, det er parmesanen der giver den gode smag uanset hvad.

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Skyggernes Spil (Mette Bundgaard Laursen, 2014)

21922915Anmeldereksemplar fra Forlaget Facet

Kate tager med Noah til Caldera. Ifølge Profetien er det kun hende, der har kraften til at fordrive den onde Naphal og skabe fred i galaksen. Hun går derfor i gang med at træne, så hun kan blive den superhelt, de alle sammen håber, hun er. Superkræfterne er dog ikke sådan lige at lokke frem, og Kate er på nippet til at opgive det hele. Men så bliver hun kidnappet af Naphal.

(Tekst fra goodreads)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I bog nummer to kommer vi lidt ud i rummet; Kate tager med Noah med den plan at hun skal være hende fra Profetien der skal redde universet fra den inkarnerede ondskab som er Naphal. Tingene går bare lidt skævt lige fra start og man venter bare på at Kate skal blive udsat for den kidnapning som bogens beskrivelse lover. Optakten dertil er en smule tam og består mest af alt i en slags overdådig rundvisning af alt det prætentiøse Noah kan diske op med.

Jeg vil være ærlig at sige at min mening har vendt sig stort set helt på en tallerken. Hvor jeg i først bog knuselskede Noah for hans manglende fornemmelse for sarkasme og opofrelse overfor Kate og den måde han forgudede hende og bare var helt igennem sød, gik han mig forfærdeligt på nerverne i den her bog. Jeg brød mig slet og ret ikke særlig meget om ham. I den her omgang er Noah så forhippet på at få sin Profeti til at gå i opløsning at alt andet bliver tilsidesat og han fremstår desværre som utrolig egoistisk.

Som stik modsætning til ham kommer lige pludselig den her inkarnerede ondskab som skal forestille at være det mest brutale væsen i universet, og i stedet vil han bare gerne underholdes lidt fordi han keder sig midt i al sin galaksebesættelse. Naphal som den inkarnerede skurk gav mig fnidder til at starte med. Det var mest af alt fordi han jo var blevet blæst op til at skulle være den her superskurk, så da han kidnapper Kate og beder hende underholde ham med ordlege som en del af deres aftale sad jeg godt nok med noget af en opgivende følelse ved den her bog. Alligevel er jeg glad for at jeg læste videre for den Naphal der udfolder sig i resten af bogen viser sig at være et rigtigt menneske med oprigtige følelser, der bare gerne vil anerkendes for hvem han rent faktisk er.

Noah og Naphal er så konsekvente modsætninger at det ikke kan undgås at der skabes en vis form for ’Edward vs. Jacob’ stemning. Det var sjovt nok den her problematik jeg blev ved med at tænke tilbage på hele bogen igennem som Kate oplever mere af Naphals menneskelig og mere af Noahs egentlige personlighed. Det faktum at det tager Kate en hel bog som denne at indse de ting hun gør, kan jeg ikke helt forholde mig til. På den ene side har jeg den holdning at sådan er det jo ikke i virkeligheden, men på den anden side tænker jeg at den er imaginært og det lige præcis er den slags følelsesforvirringer teenage pigerne er helt tossede med.

Igen vil jeg mene at den her bog er fejlkategoriseret. Mette Bundgaard Laursen formår på fantastisk vis at indkapsle mange af de hormonelle frustrationer som jeg er sikker på en hel del unge piger går rundt og kæmper med. Den evindelige indre kamp med sig selv om hvem man er og hvad man skal gøre med sig selv kan mange helt sikkert genkende. Så selvom den her sammen med resten af serien er blevet markedsført som en science fiction trilogi, vil jeg mene at den stadig ’bare’ skal katalogiseres sammen med resten af de følelsesladede ungdomsromaner der har spørgsmålet om den store kærlighed i centrum.

Plot-mæssigt kan jeg ikke lade være med at forudsige lidt hvordan det hele ender. En genfortolkning af den så omtalte Profeti kan jo læses på mange måder. Her hjælper det heller ikke at der var en del ting i bog nummer to her, der var så åbenlyse at det ikke overraskede mig det mindste på trods af det tydelige forsøg på at lave et dramatisk plot-twist. Det er derfor også med blandede meninger at jeg håber mine gisninger bliver modbevist samtidig med jeg også gerne vil se mine gisninger blive indfriet.

3 star

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10 Random Facts #About Me

Efter at have blogget en del inden for det sidste – næsten – halve år, syntes jeg at det vist er ved at være på tide at jeg deler lidt information omkring mig selv, udover det i selv har kunne læse jer til i forbindelse med de diverse ting jeg nu skriver om, så I kan få yderligere et indtryk af hvilken slags blogger jeg er.

  1. Jeg er noget af en grammatiknørd (måske en smule begrænset til engelsk grammatik) og det er så ’galt’ at jeg har afsværget visse kørerskoler på grund af at de ikke kan finde ud af forskellen på dansk og engelsk ejefald, og jeg kan hidse mig utrolig meget op når folk overforbruger engelsk i almindelig dansk, jo ganske vist gør jeg det selv, men jeg er også fag-skadet.
  2. På trods af at jeg har levet næsten 85 % efter LCHF levestilen siden sidste sommer, tror jeg aldrig jeg kommer til at gøre det 100% af den simple grund at jeg elsker chokolade.

    2014-05-22 20.42.33

  3. Jeg elsker at læse, og er for længst holdt op med at føre regnskab over hvor mange bøger jeg har læst – dog er jeg på det seneste blevet noget hooked på goodreads, så nu kan jeg følge lidt med i hvor meget jeg læser og har læst. Jeg har også en ide om at jeg skal have overført nogle af mine anmeldelser fra min tidligere engelske blog til min nuværende blog, det kræver bare lidt oversættelser hist og her, så et mindre sommerferieprojekt måske.
  4. Jeg elsker at skrive – på et tidspunkt var det bare ikke nok for mig at læse og så begyndte jeg selv at skrive. Da jeg var 16 år begyndte jeg at skrive min egen roman, den ligger stadig i skuffen og jeg arbejder stadig på den. Dog er jeg begyndt at dele kapitler lige så stille med jer her på bloggen. Det er så lige når jeg ikke har for travlt med arbejde til at finde tid til at skrive på den.
  5. Til trods for at da jeg startede på Universitet for snart 6 år siden (!) svor at jeg i hvert fald aldrig skulle være gymnasielærer (det var i værst tilfælde min plan å, når alt andet var prøvet), er jeg i dag alligevel endt som gymnasielærer, og jeg er faktisk utrolig glad for det (nogle gange overrasker jeg stadig mig selv ved at indrømme det).
  6. Jeg elsker at rejse og prøver ihærdigt i hvert fald mindst en gang om året at komme uden for landets grænser – jeg har en vis præference overfor London og Edinburgh, hvor sidstnævnte føles som mit andet hjem, efter at have tilbragt en måned på sommerskole i Edinburgh i 2010 er det næsten altid som at vende hjem når jeg er på miniferier der.
  7. Jeg har en indre Monica Geller som jeg til tider slipper løs, og så kan jeg love at alt bliver vendt og gjort rent. Hvis jeg havde en etiketmaskine ville jeg sikkert også overforbruge den – ellers kan jeg også være ret doven hvad rengøring angår.
  8. Jeg er A-menneske. Jeg foretrækker at stå tidligt op så jeg rent faktisk kan nå at få lavet noget i løbet af dagen, men jeg holder da også af at sove længe engang imellem, men hvis vækkeuret ringer, er jeg den første til at stå op. Jeg dur ikke til den der snooze-knap, medmindre uret er slået helt fra.
  9. Jeg elsker at få post – og her mener jeg rigtig gammeldags post. Jeg syntes det er synd at stort set al korrespondance mellem folk nu til dags skal foregå over e-mail, selvom jeg også selv er tilbøjelig til at sende flest mails end rigtig post. Derudover syntes jeg også bare at priserne på frimærker bliver ved med at stige, hvilket højst sandsynlig også har noget at gøre med at folk blive mere og mere afskrækket ved tanken at sende ’rigtig’ post.
  10. Jeg er hvad man kan kalde en TV/film tudeprinsesse. Ved visse ting jeg ser i film eller TV skal der ikke meget til før kæresten sidder og griner af mig fordi tårerne stødt triller ned af kinderne på mig. Disney er en sikker vinder for at fremtrylle tårer hos mig. Ofte skal der ikke så meget til, det er sågar sket at vi bare lige ser slutningen af noget og selv det kan jeg græde til uden at have set hele programmet.
    2014-05-22 20.43.07
    2014-05-22 20.43.27
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The Ultimate Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams, 1978-92)

6a00c22527999b549d00c22527bc8d549d-500piThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Seconds before the Earth is demolished for a galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is saved by Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised Guide. Together they stick out their thumbs to the stars and begin a wild journey through time and space.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Facing annihilation at the hands of warmongers is a curious time to crave tea. It could only happen to the cosmically displaced Arthur Dent and his comrades as they hurtle across the galaxy in a desperate search for a place to eat.

Life, the Universe and Everything
The unhappy inhabitants of planet Krikkit are sick of looking at the night sky — so they plan to destroy it. The universe, that is. Now only five individuals can avert Armageddon: mild-mannered Arthur Dent and his stalwart crew.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Back on Earth, Arthur Dent is ready to believe that the past eight years were all just a figment of his stressed-out imagination. But a gift-wrapped fishbowl with a cryptic inscription conspires to thrust him back to reality. So to speak.

Mostly Harmless
Just when Arthur Dent makes the terrible mistake of starting to enjoy life, all hell breaks loose. Can he save the Earth from total obliteration? Can he save the Guide from a hostile alien takeover? Can he save his daughter from herself?

(Tekst fra goodreads)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Åh ha, det bliver meget svært at anmelde den her samling. Den her bog var en af dem der længe har været på min TR-liste, og som jeg bare har været for doven til at gribe fat i fordi der har været så mange andre jeg hellere vil læse. Efter at have været igennem dem dømmer jeg egentlig ikke mig selv så hårdt længere for at være lidt sløset med min nørde-iver efter at få den læst.

Den første bog er helt klart den bedste. Det skal siges at det måske også har grund i at jeg har set filmen et par gange og kunne bedre visualisere den for mig. At jeg hørte den her på lydbog og den første bog er læst op af Stephen Fry gjorde det heller ikke værre. De fire andre bøger er læst op af Martin Freeman og det var endnu en fryd for som mange sikkert ved er det jo også ham der spiller Arthur Dent i filmen. På den måde var hans stemme med til at få det hele til at virke så meget mere virkeligt, på trods af usandsynligheden i de mange aparte situationer Arthur kommer ud for.

Den første bog er en rejse igennem galaksen hvor man stifter bekendtskab med Ford Prefect, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Trillian og den maniodepresive robot Marvin. Jorden er blevet tilintetgjort til fordel for en intergalaktisk motorvej, og Arthur skal nu forsøge at indfinde sig efter det og hvad han nu skal give sig til i verdenen.

I anden bog følger vi Zaphod på jagt efter en bid information han selv har slettet fra sin hjerne, alt imens alle sammen forsøger meget ihærdigt at finde den bedste restaurant ved universets mest absolutte udkant, hvilket de formår i slutningen, inden de pludselig går op for dem at en endnu mere deprimeret race har planer om at udradere universet, hvilket Arthur og Ford må redde i den tredje bog.

I den fjerde bog har Arthur på mirakuløs vis fundet tilbage til jorden – den blev ikke destrueret alligevel, men alt er dog ikke helt som det skal være – og han forsøger at forligne sig med at han har tilbragt 8 år i universet på kryds og tværs, alt i mens han forelsker sig.

I den sidste bog bliver en masse løse ender forbundet samtidig med at en del andre ting bliver præsenteret og efterlader os med en masse spørgsmål vi stadig godt kunne bruge nogle svar på.

Douglas Adams formår helt bestemt at skabe et univers uden lige. Hans sprog er lige til og man falder nhitchhikers-guide-to-the-galaxyemt væk i aparte forklaringer på hvad en Babel fisk er, hvorfor man skal holde sig fra visse afkroge af universet eller hvordan man får de bedste pladser til ’the end of the universe’ på restauranten der reklamerer med underholdning til det selskab. Adams’ fortællemetode er underholdende, men kan også blive en smule for forvirrende til tider. Ofte skete det at jeg glemte lidt at den reelle fortælling fordi jeg blev så fortabt i de andre små fortællinger der blev skudt ind fra højrebenet i form af input fra den ’rigtige’ guide, til trods for at det alt sammen er underholdende på hver sin måde.

Arthur Dent var jeg middelmådigt glad for – ofte var han så kær og fortabt at man bare havde lyst til at give ham et kram og sige, slap af, det skal nok gå alt sammen. Andre gange blev han så fortvivlet at jeg havde lyst til at skubbe ham mere ud over kanten for at han kunne komme ned på samme niveau som robotten Marvin. Marvin er absolut min favorit. Der er bare noget over en mekanisk robot som kan være så deprimeret som han formår at være hele vejen igennem. Selv efter han venter i flere hundrede år på at de kommer tilbage og henter ham, tager han det bare som en trist selvfølge at det var da klart at han ville blive glemt.

Det er svært for mig at anmelde den her uden at tænke på filmen. For skal jeg være ærlig tror jeg at jeg foretrækker filmen. Det bunder nok i at jeg havde svært ved at se mange af tingene for mig. Det var simpelthen for underligt for mig – og det siger ikke så lidt! – til at jeg kunne sætte mig godt nok ind i historien til at blive helt grebet af den. Derfor er det nemmere for mig at se filmen, hvor jeg også kan nyde den fabelagtige sammensætning af britiske skuespillere når de er allerbedst. Så hvis de er kæmpe sci-fi nørd og mangler en god lang bog til et par weekender i træk, så giv dig endelig i kast med bogen. Ellers kan man nok godt nøjes med at se filmen et par gange.


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