Appreciation Post #01 Veronica Mars

As a new series of writing I will be writing what I have baptised Appreciation Posts. These will be what some people might call nerdy, geeky or just simply obsessed. Others might call it as I do; appreciation. What they have in common is their love for an item within the world of popular culture. This is also the reason why I have chosen to write this series in English – because most of it will be from International (English speaking mostly) spheres and it will be easier accepted across borders, and more people can appreciate the appreciation.

As some of you may have noticed I am very fond of the phenomenon Veronica Mars. I call it phenomenon because it started simply as a TV series, then it became a Kickstarter film project and last on the line it has become a book series (albeit small one, with just one book so far, but at least two in total have been planned).

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I can honestly not remember how I discovered VM, for several years now it has just been a part of my DVD collection of the most memorable series I have watched, and I have watched quite a few. For some reason this one just stuck with me and perhaps even more so because of its cancelation back in 2007, which just left us fans with a rather speculative open ending. This was partly Rob Thomas’ hope that there would be a series 4 along the way, as we got to see his little project when the 3rd season was released on DVD, but unfortunately it never happened. Then come 2013 and I hear this rumour about something called Kickstarter, and just a year or so later, here I am at home with the VM movie! I am proud to say that I was a Backer on the Kickstarter project, although a small one I’m still very proud to have participated in the project and even more thrilled to have made it happen so every fan across the globe can now take home their own copy of VM to become even bigger fans.

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What is there to like about VM you might ask? Well, to that I can only say what is there not to like? To make it stand out, I’ve bulletined it for you, so you can tick it off on your own list of what you might look for in a series;

  • Thriller/Mystery – As any self-proclaimed mystery show it has the thrill of solving a case in every episode, pretty much just like any other crime series like CSI and all the spin-offs to that one.
  • Suspense – Just like all the other crime series, each season has the epitome mystery to solve, with little clues dropped along the season to help Veronica and us to figure out what actually happened in what constitutes as her biggest case yet, for each season.
  • Drama – Well, we are talking about high school students so of course there’s going to be some drama. Whether it’s all about who’s the biggest shall we say free-spirited girl at school or who stole money for the senior trip, you can’t get around the fact that there’s some kind of drama.
  • Love – Which of course leads to the love factor of any teen show. Veronica is a girl, so naturally there’s bound to be some love interest along the way (not to forget her particularly awesome relationship to her father; every father should be as Keith Mars!). Personally, I always rooted for Logan. He was just so wrong that he was perfect. Duncan was too perfect; he and Veronica had it too good to be true, which turned out to be true, whereas Logan provided the adrenalin she craves most of the times. Plus he makes her look better back when he was still a bit of a bad boy, but then he got his act together and joined the proud forces. I mean who can say no to something like this?vlcsnap-2014-05-07-17h09m20s68
  • Humour – It’s got sass and a witty comeback or punch line for almost every stupid remark, or even good remark. The best part perhaps in my opinion, which says it all about the humour, is part of the opening scene from the movie, when Veronica puts on her ‘lipstick’.vlcsnap-2014-05-07-17h08m37s130
  • Friendship – The friendship between Veronica and Wallace, and later Mac too is just the best kind of friendship you can get, and should be what we all strive to get.

Let’s return to the movie for just a bit, I know many of you have seen it and think it’s pretty awesome, just like I do. I think part of this reason is because of many of cameos in it. I mean to name just a few there’s Dash Shepard (who, as you will all know is Kristen Bell’s fiancé and baby’s father) as an obnoxious guy at a bar hitting on Veronica.


Then of course there’s James Franco as well. Enough said I believe.


What I think was great about the movie was some of the many loose ends that were tied. So much was missing in those 10 years between the end of S3 and the movie that the fans had a lot of questions and I, at least, felt like I got answers for most of them. However, it also left me with a feeling of wanting more. Though it answered some questions it also opened for some new ones. For example, will Veronica stay in Neptune for good now? Thankfully, we could then turn to the first in a book series (which you can read my review of here), which I’m waiting on the second book to come out later this year.

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Another great thing about VM is the music. I have the soundtrack for both the series and the movie and both are really good. Before purchasing them I had heard of none of the artists before, but because of VM I started to listen to some of these artists just because of that one song on the album. Thanks to Rob Thomas and VM I found out about The Perishers, The Format, Ivy and Mr Twin Sister just to name a few.

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To conclude this long first appreciation post I guess I would just like to thank Rob Thomas for creating this sassy marshmallow and for bringing a little P.I. into all our lives. I can only hope for more of it in the future.

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