Som lovet forleden bringer jeg her en mindre teaser på hvad man kan forvente de næste mange kommende første fredage i måneden.

Historien hedder The Choice of The Heart, og her inden teaseren kan du kort læse hvad den handler om;

When Jennifer Paris discovers that the life she has lead for the past seventeen years has been based on a lie she realises that she is about to make a choice. However, she has no idea what consequences her choice will set in motion and how much it will affect the rest of her life. Leaving her previous life behind she sets out to find her heritage to conquer the evils that lurk from times long gone by now risen to haunt from the depths of a forgotten past.

Når du så har dannet dig en ide om det er noget du har lyst til at læse mere af, kan du med glæde læse videre for her kommer prologen som teaser før jeg bringer jeg første kapitel i næste uge. Rigtig god fornøjelse, og jeg håber I syntes om det.



Three young women stood silently in a neat row, each different from the other in stature and poise, yet still much alike. The eldest’s hands halfway covered her trembling lips as she sniffled into a sodden handkerchief while her chestnut hair curtained her sadden face as she stared at the ground. From time to time her left hand reached to her left for the second young woman. Her face crumbled in an agonizing mask. No tears ran down her cheeks, opposed to the eldest woman. Instead she starred straight at the ground and kept her hand tightly locked around the hands of the two women on either side of her. Her short, chestnut hair blew softly around her face and in the light breeze that ruffled the small party of people. No one moved and everyone was staring at the ground. At the end of the line was the youngest of the three women, with hair thicker and a darker shade of chestnut, yet it was clear that these three women were sisters. The youngest almost clutched to her sister’s hand while she kept wiping her face with the other. Tears ran freely down her face and she cared little for her appearance at the present. All three sets of sparkling green eyes were focused on the same thing.

A white casket was lowered into the ground, a cascade of flowers ordaining the most part of what was visible. Ribbons flowed from each large group of flowers, almost obscuring the casket. The little amount of people gathered around the process of lowering the casket all cried in one way or another, some silently while others wept openly and without regard for how people might look at them. Somewhere in the distance, the cry of a baby could be heard and the oldest sister seemed to be torn between her side at the grave and the cry of the infant.

>>Now we say our last goodbyes to Susan Paris. May her soul roam free in the heavens and her memory stay with her loving family for the rest of eternity. We thank the heavens that her soul may rest in peace.<< A chorus of Amen and agreement rose from the small crowd and people started to gather around the three sisters. Condolences were said, hands shaken, flowers exchanged until the three women were left alone beside the grave. Their hands kept a firm grip on each other until a young man with an infant on one arm came up next to the oldest of the sisters.

A silent agreement seemed to pass between them as he pecked her gently on the cheek and she nodded in his direction. He then turned and walked away while the infant reached for its mother. The oldest sister however, had chosen that day to share her feelings with her siblings. They remained in silence by the grave as they said their last goodbyes to their mother. Sniffles crept from one sister to the other and their hands remained locked for what seemed an eternity. Once the last few stragglers had left and they were alone there, the oldest sister cleared her throat and showed sign of wanting to speak. Yet when she parted her lips no sound came out, except for a small sigh at the back of her throat.

>>Let’s just go home.<< The young women in the middle finally said. She received no answer, there was no need. All three of them knew there was nothing more for them at the cemetery at this point. However, when the two of them turned to leave the youngest remained in her place. Her face searched the grounds, as though she had lost something. She looked to her sisters and then continued to search the surrounding gravestones for names. When she reached the conclusion that what she was looking for was nowhere in her sight, she turned on the spot, walked to her sisters and asked:

>>Why is there no grave for our father?<<

Copyright Michelle H. Lindberg

To be continued in Chapter One – Memories of the Past.

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